By sigh - 27/09/2013 19:01 - United States - Frederick

Today, I was cleaning up litter from the street, when a guy asked who I work for. I said nobody and that I was just doing some community service. Before I could clarify that it was voluntary community service, he called me a "piece of shit delinquent", spat on me, and walked off. FML
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That's what you get, ya good fer nothing do-gooder!

Phoebe_Buffay 14

The people in this world do not fail to surprise me. It's disgusting how a person can treat another human like that.


That's what you get, ya good fer nothing do-gooder!

tjv3 10

I think I might of had to maybe hit him with the litter stick a couple 20 times... I think .... Not that I condone violence

Phoebe_Buffay 14

The people in this world do not fail to surprise me. It's disgusting how a person can treat another human like that.

Elfkid21 19

That's ignorance for you.

yawateverok 10

wow phobe? ur stillalive?? wat the ***


follow him and dump all the trash in his driveway

No, follow him and dump all the trash in his pool

#7, not everyone has a pool, but if he does then that's definitely better

CallMeMcFeelii 13

No.. Punch him in the ******* mouth right on the spot. I don't give a **** who you are, you do not spit on me and get the hell away with it. That's one thing that'll have me seeing red. I've been spit on one time by some drunken asshole and I punched him square in the ******* nose without even thinking about. If you're going to be that ******* grimy you damn well deserve it. Maybe it's me, but that's the biggest sign of disrespect you can show a person. Fuck that, OP, if you're a small dude kick him in the nuts then punch him in the head. He deserved more than that for damn sure.

The abovementioned would kind of turn him into a delinquent. Couldn't he just be the bigger person?

CallMeMcFeelii 13

You'd just stand there and let some one call you a piece of shit after he had the audacity to spit on you? I have a little thing called pride, and I take respect seriously. OP didn't do a god damn thing to deserve that guy to insult him and ******* spit on him. If you think letting someone spit their bodily fluids on you without any consequences is being the better man, then by all means, continue being a door mat and let self entitled ***** walk all over you in shit covered shoes, pal. That's not being the better man, that's being a man with absolutely no self respect.

Pride isn't always a good thing. Being the bigger person as mentioned is something to be way prouder for than stooping down to a lesser level.

unless someone spits on you. **** being a bigger person

People get spat on all the time both figuratively and literally. Losing yourself because of that is stupid imho. Obviously the op is a good person for doing what they were doing. That's all that matters. Let the ignorant fool who spat on him feel shamed because of that.

I do agree that spitting is one of the worst forms of disrespect and I wouldn't let that asswipe get away with that but what I would do is just call the police. Spitting on someone, at least here in Canada, is considered assault and therefore he would be charged. So, I would say, "Who's the delinquent now, fucktard?!"

Thats the thing - this guy will not feel ashamed. He most probably will even feel good, because he gave a "delinquent" the low-down. I am a mild mannered person, but IF I would do community service and getting verbally abused and even spit on by some jerk, while cleaning HIS neighbourhood, I might loose it too. As it was said before - spitting on someone is not only an act of severe disrespect, but also one of great cowardice. If someone spits on you, at least that is my experience, he or she wants to show you his/her disrespect, while believing that this act will have no violent consequences, because... spitting is not hitting someone, right? So IF the OP had punched this idiot, this would be one of the rare occasions when I can endorse such behaviour.

Sorry but i wouldve broken his jaw. Never let someone walk over you. If you have to have someone else handle your problems, get used to sucking dick for that day off. You dont have to fight to be a man, but you do have to handle your problems without calling for mommy and daddy.

So in your pride you would just affirm this person's thought that you are indeed a "delinquent"? I believe in respect, but punching someone in the face isn't exact the best solution to the problem. What exactly would punching this man prove? That you have "pride"? Would it make him feel any WORSE about what he did? No. He would probably feel much better about what he did, because he would think that you deserved it. I would rather go up to the old man and explain. I think he would feel worse if you explained your real reason for doing community service than if you went and clocked him in the face. Just saying.

28 & 74- the difference between men and women

Some people are so rude. But at least you were helping out, a lot of people wouldn't do that!

First you would be in an orange jumpsuit...and have a warden with a gun watching you...but props for helping out the city...his opinion doesn't matter...criminal or not it has to be done...

She isn't a criminal... She volunteered to clean up the litter...

not everyone that does forced community service wears an orange jump suit with a sherriff standing guard...

piggle 9

They'd only be wearing a jumpsuit and have a guard with them if they were in prison. Plenty of people have to do community service because they're on probation for a minor offense, and wouldn't be wearing a prison uniform. So lack of jumpsuit doesn't mean anything

Tell him you're a boy scout......then stab him with your trusty pocket knife

aria78 19

for some reason I read that as rusty pocket knife.....

^that would work too

Beautiful xD

The bad news is, the world is full of judgmental assholes, and you can't fix them all, Op. The good news is, it also has considerate people like you, looking to do something good, for its own sake. :) Ignore him Op, anyone that's looking to be an asshole to a stranger has a problem with himself, not you. You're awesome. ;)

martin8337 35

F his life.

"Better to be a piece of shit delinquent than just a piece of shit!"