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Today, I was invited to my boyfriend's house for dinner for the first time. His mom made a fantastic dinner, so I showed my appreciation by eating the lot. Apparently I was overdoing it because when I looked up everyone was staring. His dad muttered, "Slow the hell down." FML
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  TheDrifter  |  23

OP might have to slow down to say anything. Eating at a moderate pace and making polite conversation is generally considered polite when meeting people over a meal.


I think the dad was being pretty rude... It's pretty understandable that people are nervous the first time they're eating at their bofriend/girlfriend's place. His comment definitely didn't make anything better...

  lindora  |  35

110- just because the language is Spanish doesn't meant it's a "Spanish" country. The proper terms would be Latino or Hispanic countries. Also, I am el salvadorian and Uruguayan, and I've lived in both countries for several years. The customs I've grown up with is that you always eat everything that's been given to you, or else you're wasting food, which is disrespectful.

  BabySparkle1  |  15

In Mexico, you speak Mexican and Cuba, you speak Cuban.
Some words may be the same, but a lot of it is different.
I'm Argentinean and Uruguayan and I speak Spanish.

  amypr  |  20

Are you being sarcastic? Mexican and Cuban are not languages. The main language in both countries is Spanish.

Now, I know that with the English language, people differentiate between British and American English, and perhaps the same is true for different dialects of Spanish - but that does not mean that people speak Mexican or Cuban, just like I do not speak American.

  DespairFaction  |  11

111- okay, first my first comment should have said Latino/Hispanic but in my second comment I just said Spanish speaking countries which is correct. The official language for mentioned countries is Spanish.

  chatoyant_fml  |  12

Never heard that about Spanish/Latino countries, but might be true, though I know that if you're invited to dinner by a person
With Arabic heritage and eat everything on the plate, she/he will give you more food, because eating up is a sign that you're not full. Made that mistake at my ex's grandparents.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

Eating is a good thing in a girl. As long as she doesn't over so it. No one likes dating a stick or a marshmallow. Well some people do. But most don't. Being healthy looking is a good thing.

  HannahLouise96  |  13

I hate girls who won't eat in public. There was a girl I knew who would always refuse to eat her lunch in the school cafeteria. I'd be like "Bitch please, eat that food before I do it for ya."

  Zoh_Aubrey  |  8

My mom used to pile food on guests' plate shouting happily "Eat, baby, eat! You break bread with love, sweetheart." And refusing is just disrespectful.

  I_iz_B_a_troll  |  23

You can't tell people to "be normal" and "be themselves" at the same time, not everyone is normal :P and I don't know why anyone would want to be, that's no fun!

Oh if you meant "be normal" as in the op's normal self I guess that's alright.. But I'm pretty sure that is how the op normally is anyway :o


Someone please tell me

What is a "Normal" Person?

Huh? Whats human and what isn't?

Because I think normal, is just code for boring and doing the same thing as everyone else

  VorpikeII  |  17

In calling others insane, we actually make ourselves the insane.

Also, aren't we all truly insane? If being sane is the normal, average mind set, then everyone is different and therefore insane.

By  thehoffy512  |  4

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  kikimonole  |  13

I eat fast without thinking about it. I'm always laughed at and called cute or asked if I'm hungry. I think it should be taken as a compliment if someone horks their food down. It means your food is edible!

  Harpy20  |  24

I don't think the FML said she ate fast, first of all. The father may have just been using an expression. Second, it probably just meant she dug in for seconds, which in most cultures is a compliment to the host that made the food. Just FYI.

  IscoreOnU  |  19

I'm a guy and I eat fast. Not because I'm fat or something but because well always being in a hurry, or because being in a family of paramedics and them being on call all the time we always just ate fast cause you never know when you could get a call. Or I'm just really hungry...

  agonydrum  |  7

I'm guessing that because everyone was staring at her he was probably eating like a starved wolf, which is unattractive no matter how you spin it, it's also a great way to get fat and not be able to taste your food

  PinkRainbow  |  3

When the father said "Slow the hell down" in my mind it appeared as if she was gulping down the food in order to show her appreciation. When I am at home I eat fast (like a glutton, i admit), but not when I'm trying to make a good first impression. Just eat your food regularly and tell her that you like it! Plain, simple, and you don't look crazy!

  rotflqtms_  |  19

Yeah, my tablet predicts what I'm about to type based on what I typed after the word the last time... It gets SO annoying that I turn it off sometimes.

  Eliseopwns  |  22

And trains.

By  kikimonole  |  13

I always thought eating fast means that the food is really good. Or at least edible. I always eat too fast and give myself a tummy ache. But if I didn't like the food I can't eat it.