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Today, I was on the phone with my boyfriend. We were messing around and I always jokingly say "You're adopted, nobody loves you" to everybody. His reply, "That's pretty fucked up, I am adopted." He really was. FML
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Oh yeah? Well, YOU'RE adopted, and nobody loves YOU! Ever think of THAT?! >:|


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I agree! I say pretty horrible things but even I'd never say this! YDI

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Seriously? Why would that be your thing to say? That's terrible. You're BOUND to find someone that is adopted. OP is a moron.

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true that... I'm not adopted, but I had foster brothers and man I'd kick your stupid f&*%$# ass!! your lil ****

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i'm just kind of spit-balling here, but if you were adopted, wouldn't it mean that somebody loved you enough to keep you even without being obligated? call me old-fashioned, but i think that's called unconditional love, so i think the OP's kind of wrong here.

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i agree, i mean come on. plus, if your adopted you must be loved, cause you were chosen, lots of un prepared children arent lovd at first

why cant you ppl get a sense of humor. i am adopted and ppl have said this to me b4. its not that big of a deal, and it never hurt my feelings. the ppl on fml just seem ta be retarded.

People need to grow a sense of humour, you're obviously not English,

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you're a weirdo and a bitch also, how could you not know if your bf is adopted or not you sound like your 15 who jokes like that ?


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yeaaaaaaaa tht is soooooooooo wrong. i was adopted,i hope on one will ever say tht to me

my parents said it to me all the timecand laughed about it...

#98 yea I'm adopted to it's not real bothering but it can be to others if it took them a long time to be fostered.

OP you sound like exactly the kind of person I can't stand.... why the hell would you say that in the first place?

all yall mothafuckas needa calm the **** down

Oh yeah? Well, YOU'RE adopted, and nobody loves YOU! Ever think of THAT?! >:|

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lmao @ #2. I'm sorry, but OP, you're a complete asshole. You don't go around saying shit like that. What are you, some kind of bully? Being adopted is a serious thing. If you had any kind of sensible bone on your body, you'd know that there's somewhat of a chance that what you say could ACTUALLY be true. Did you even think about what would happen if you said it and really hurt someone's feelings? I'm adopted, and if someone said that to me, I'd punch their face in. You should think about what you say, and let this be a lesson. I hope he breaks up with you.

Haha that's funny #2. But I agree. I'm adopted and that's a pretty douche-y thing to say. I'm used to it so I kinda shrug it off, but it still annoys me that people say such dumb shit like that.

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Exactly, YDI for not knowing he's adopted, what kinda girlfriend are you, really? :S

also it's nothing she shouldve joked about in the first place>:(

Unless you meet like a week ago, you should have known that. YDI.

obviously, that's why it recieved over 40,000 votes dumbass.

it's possible that he didn't want to speak about that to OP so OP was never told. and unless there is a significant difference in the way someone looks and the way the parents looks no one is going to ask if one is adopted or not. OP doesn't deserve it for not knowing, they deserve it for thinking that was a joke.

What a terrible thing to go around saying to people! I hope he dumps you and moves on to someone much kinder, because you are obviously an immature little twerp.

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Not necessarily , a lot of people tend not to tell people that unless it actually comes up in conversation, even then a lot of people don't like to share it. I know a few people like that. but anyway OP, what the hell? who says that??

I am adopted myself and most people I know don't find out I'm adopted until several months after we meet so it's very possible that he just didn't see the need to tell her. But still, OP, who actually says that to people?

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i REALLY hope he dumps you ****!

Why the **** does that make her a ****

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if it needed to be said then fair play to you, dont mind these haters

How do you know she is a ****?! She was just messing around. Granted, it wasn't a nice thing to say, and she shouldn't go around telling people stuff like that, but that doesn't prove she's a ****...

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Just like "cancer" or "YOUR MUM" jokes, repeating them too often will definitely bite you in the ass later on. YDI