By Betsydoll - 29/03/2009 03:34 - United States

Today, after a tiff with my boyfriend, I said to him, "You could at least PRETEND to love me sometimes." He responded with, "I do pretend to love you!" FML
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Dude, way to lead in with your chin. YDI for making it so easy. Edit: first!

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It's a fight or argument, like a squabble or something ? IDK

Douche. Kick him in the junk. But for the record you shouldn't play the reverse psychology game. It backfires.

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kick him in the junk? idc if you are a guy or a girl go **** yourself

No. Do not kick someone in the junk. Ever.

Tell him you pretend to enjoy his penis.

Hahahaha #3 and #6! XD Indeed, that's the best way to go about it. It was probably a slip of his tongue? I've done it before, when I got scolded for not paying attention. "What! How can you say that?! I do pretend to pay attention! ... Oh wait, no..."

Probably in the spurr of the moment because you guys were just fighting? I mean, I know you were there and had to listen to him say it, so we can't actually know how you interpreted it or the way he said it, but take it from some random guy on the internet, that it SOUNDS like he was only saying it to piss you off because you guys had just been fighting, yeah? Maybe talk to him when he's calmed down?