By dollybabe - 09/01/2010 21:20 - Ireland

Today, I dressed up, went over to my boyfriend and told him he could do anything he wanted. He said nothing and walked outside. I figured he'd come back in shortly, but when I looked out the window a few minutes later, he was building a snowman. FML
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When a man is determined to build a snowman nothing can stop him.

Next time just say : "Fuck me."


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*pats you on the back*

Awesome first comment, I don't know why you got rated down

burn or should I say frost bite your bf is pure dumbass

Uh lulz? Hes awesome, who doesnt like snowmen?

really thats more of like mlia moment u should post that on that site not this one

This seems average; and clearly there was no 'f'ing happening. ;)

Perhaps you are too controlling, killing his inner child.

Oh cool Dublin.

Next time just say : "Fuck me."

Truly genius.

Ouch, but at the same time, it's more of an MLIA moment. Your boyfriend's cool (Y)

When a man is determined to build a snowman nothing can stop him.

#10 what about a wheelchair?

Then he'll travel to the arctic. Problem solved.

He'll build a ramp out of snow.

So he wanted to build a snowman, don't give him flak for it. He just wasn't in the mood.