By SkeetinKeaton - 5/6/2013 15:24 - United States
Today, I let my step-father know exactly what I thought of him. After a few moments of awkward silence, he leaned towards me and quietly whispered, "Well you're adopted. Your parents never loved you." FML
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  mpj13  |  8

Not only is it insensitive it is also a quote from the move dodgeball. You don't think what the step-dad said was necessary? Necessary? Necessary? Is it necessary to drink my own urine? No but it's sterile and I like the taste.

  andrew6p  |  19

Actually op should've had a comeback! Like:" the reason why my mother married you was because we needed another spender in our family! Money come first, step dad!" -> even though i hate the idea of saying it but assholes like that step-father should be kicked in the nuts

  Ambient25  |  24

I think I'm the only one who thinks that OP deserved it. I'm sorry but if he told his step dad what he thought of him, it probably wasn't a good thing, and most likely elicited that snap response. I try to ere on the side of caution, but I really think that people treating OP as a Saint is just a failure. Yes, cater to his emotions, because step dads have none...

  etoilenuit  |  15

That's what I was thinking! Also, wondering, did OP know he was adopted? Then the step father pulling the old "they never loved you" is something so childish it's ridiculous. But if he dropped the adopted part and OP didn't know then oh shits about to go down.

  Joshwarrior  |  38

Please tell me how you came up with the idea he can't know that, because if he is the step father I would think that's an important factor to tell before they got married.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Well, he could also be lying about the adopted part, unless this was already common knowledge.

That was a super-dick move on the step-fathers part.
You should let your mom know.

By  Pauschinator  |  22

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  PulseShock  |  9

Says the kid who has had abs since he was 6 because he got good genetics and is skinny. Guarantee you, he's never done a sit up in his life, those are "baby abs" lol and yet he tries to flaunt them;)

  DocBastard  |  38

Pauschinator - While I admire your respect towards your elders, not all elders deserve such respect. This stepfather seems to be one of them.

Oh, and pull your damned shirt down in your profile pic, son. No one wants to see that.

  Julianne_sings  |  10

3, When adults are respectful they deserve to be respected, just like any other person on the planet regardless of age. But as someone who was verbally abused by a step-parent for years, I know that adults sometimes need someone to tell them that their behavior is wrong and unfair. Telling the step-parent exactly how they felt seems perfectly acceptable in this situation, especially since the step-father responded in the way he did.

  SalviBarbie  |  15

If the adult deserved it, then he deserved it. My mom's ex boyfriend was getting on my nerves, so was I not allowed to get attitude and say how I feel? Lol right. Fuck that I got a mouth for a reason.

  Ambient25  |  24

Considering how much your post makes me want to slam my head on a dictionary and then cradle it for salience, I think your mom's ex boyfriend was in the right.

  ginawater19  |  13

You guys are haters I totally agree with #3! And I think he's saying it in a way that if you mouth off to adults it will come back to bite you in the ass. Always happens to me haha! So fuck all you :)

  Pro_Nothing  |  9

Most adults I know don't even have the intelligence to match their confidence. They approach ME looking for a debate, to which I oblige, which I usually end up getting a suspension for because apparently they have no clue what the ekpyrotic theory is nor do they know the basis for the evidence of evolution and quantum physics.

Adults don't automatically deserve to be respected. Only the respectful should be respected.

  ms_fancypants  |  15

So OP's stepfather's an asshole and you don't think she/he should stand up for him/herself? That's bullshit. At least they had the balls to stand up to their stepfather! I think you'd change your tune if you were in a situation like OP's, number 3. And f**k you for acting like adults are perfect and deserve absolute respect. If you give respect, you get respect. That's just the way it goes. A lot of adults today are too illiterate to even have a logical conversation or reason with. Also, put a shirt on, good grief.

  UniUni  |  13

Apparently this man treated her like an asshole, because no nice or well behaved person would say that. I'm all for respecting your elders, but only when they respect you. There is no way I'm going to hide or deny my feelings because someone is older than me. If this person felt some type of way, then she had a right to express it because he is not her father, and he shouldn't get away with treating her like shit. I hope he left her life too, because she doesn't need that at all. Oh, and you're an asshat.

  iluvevil01  |  11

I think the step-father meant that op's real parents didn't love him and that's why they put him up for adoption. Op should've pointed out that his adopted parents chose him and that shows they love him

  SMHsohard  |  22

You need a license to drive a car.
You need a license to own a dog.
Hell, you need a license to catch a fish.
But they'll let any butt-reaming asshole be a father.

  Catkam623  |  27

You don't frighten us (insert stepfathers nationality) pig dogs. Go boil your bottoms, you sons of silly person, I blow my nose at you so called step father.