By spideypowers - United States
Today, as I was using my mom's computer, a spider crawled onto the screen. So as per my usual reaction to seeing a spider, I smashed it as fast as I could. I missed the spider, but now I have to buy my mom a new monitor. FML
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  TheDoge  |  0

Why would you hate spiders? Their elegance is to be desired. Especially the big'uns down here in Aus. Their harmless, but huge and great for getting the ol' adrenalin pumping. Nothing like the old fight gland, huh?

  Reyo  |  2

@60: I'll rephrase for him. They're harmless as long as you don't fuck around with them like an immature child.

It's not like they go "hunting for human children to kill." They only lash out when hungry or threatened, and since "human" isn't a norm on any spider's diet, there's only one option left.

By  Musje  |  0

I wonder how you manage to break a screen by simply hitting it once...
I once hit an LCD screen trying to kill a fly, it fell off the table. Apart from a crack in the casing, it worked fine (the crack wasn't even that big).

By  Silverill  |  0

wow, i'm running my computer with a 6+ year old crt monitor and it's still running and i'm glad i'm not the monitor cause all the beating it has taken from me kinda 2 bad i use my fist.

By  Soup_fml  |  0

I'll never understand why so many people seem to be offended by the mere existence of other creatures. It's really not hard to capture a spider in a container and toss it outside. They're even kind of cool if you can resist the urge to squish everything and instead take a minute to look at one.



And if you're smart, you leave a couple of nature's little mozzie catchers in appropriate corners of your home.

Although funnel webs and red-back should be escorted outside in tupperware carriages asap!

  timtam24  |  0

i got really sick from a mozzie bite when i was 8, i was in hospital for about a week. So whenever i see one of them i'm gunna make sure they pay.


#24 speaks the truth: I'm more afraid of mozzies than I am of spiders (even our lovely toxic ones). We have giant mozzies - Hexham Greys and they carry Ross River virus and all sorts of lovely viruses, not to mention hurting lots when they jab you :(

Kill the mozzies, save the spiders.