By Anonymous - United States - Topeka
Today, a guy in my class was talking about himself. He started his story with, "When I was little, I was a ginger." I replied without thinking, "Is that why you got put up for adoption?" Him being adopted was the actual story he wanted to tell. FML
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  Jak0p  |  25

So if you are a ginger, can you tell me how someone could have been a ginger as a kid? I mean, it sounds like he isn't a ginger anymore. don't you stay a ginger a whole lifetime?
this question may sound stupid to you but we don't have this ginger-thing in Germany.

  aire101  |  16

No, hair color can change drastically over the years. I was born with black hair and within months it turned strawberry blonde. Now I'm a brunette.

  Jak0p  |  25

Thanks #82, that's what I meant.
I don't know many people with red hair but especially I don't know anyone making jokes about them.
So why is this such a big thing in the USA?