By SexyPlayer9 - 24/07/2009 05:23 - United States

Today, I was on a flight and one of my friends was sitting next to this woman who happened to be sleeping with her mouth wide open. My friend decided to take a picture. While I was editing it, a man sitting behind us said "If you want to take a picture of my girlfriend, wait until she's awake". FML
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YDI, seriously. Don't you think is just slightly creepy to take pictures of strangers while they are sleeping?

Did you know that it's illegal to take pictures of people without their consent? Good job you tool.


At least you didnt try to take a picture with ur weener in her mouth

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seeing as though it says "by SexyPlayer9 (woman)" I am sincerely hoping that she does, in fact, not have a "weener"

Yeah that would be weird, especially as OP is a woman

Welcome to the internetz, where a large percentage of 'women' tend to be men. :)

Read it right. You should have said "strap on 'weener'".

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Y'all are just being lame, #1's comment was funny.

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YDI for not doing what peoc said. Stupid women.

YDI, seriously. Don't you think is just slightly creepy to take pictures of strangers while they are sleeping?

Why would a sexy player have to be a woman?

How about actually reading the FML, specifically the name, gender and location part before posting stuff like this

yes, because browsing on a mobile device is sooo easy and the screen is the 'perfect' size for me to be able to notice everything -_-

Even if it's not so easy to see everything, it's nice and easy not to make idiotic assumptions.

how is this an 'idiotic assumtion' "mlleangeligue"? Its either a MALE or FEMALE. 50% chance. Furthermore, the OP was taking a picture of a woman, hence increasing the % that this person would be a man. You fail at life, just becauase of your name. I know people like you. Sitting behind your pc screen being the 'badass' but once the shit hits the fan you will be the first person to run away. Go die in a hole.

Dude, i say mobile device and you immediatly a) assume its a shitty apple product b) insult me. How far up your ass could your head possibly be? Again, another 17 year old girl with an ego the size of ur-anus (assuming uranus is pretty damn huge). Instead of posting 'FIRST AH MAH GAWD ******!!!!111!!!!!' I posted something different, which does not offend you, so could you please stop wasting electricity and bandwidth and just join mlleangeligue in a hole, somewhere far

Nothing weird or illegal about taking a picture of a person who is in public. Perhaps you could have held a humorous sign under her face when taking the picture.... like.... "BJ Special: $2". Some people think they have a "right to privacy" when they are in public. You have a right to be lampooned.

I'll start taking pictures of you in public and make jokes and post you all over the internet for everyone to see. Nothing creepy about that at all ay.

wake me up first, and I'll give you a nice pose

God what is wrong with everyone! Can we stop bitching and moaning please? If can't see the gender on your mobile device, peoc, then that's fine. I was just telling #8 how people know the OP's a woman. If you yourself can't read it, then just read the comments, and it'll be obvious. But I do have to say that on mobiles and stuff is just awful. I can only use this site on a computer. Taking pictures/videos of people without their permission is illegal of course, at least where I live. But of course that's never really enforced.

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I have no problem using FML on my mobile i just had to change my settings.

People who care as much as you do, about what others think, have a disorder that is medically treatable. You should consult a counselor. Until then, either stop reading the posts if they bother you, or just plain STFU.

farside, ur the one who needs help. if u think its okay to take pictures of people out in public, then ur probably a stalker or some kinda creep.

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Peoc's a hypocritical dumbass. He's listing off all the things he does "a) its a shitty apple product b) insult me." a) "another 17 year old girl" b) "How far up your ass could your head possibly be?"

See people, you are all too ******* uptight! you need to be like 'farside' and have a good sense of humor about it and not be all shitty and crap! :)

Did you know that it's illegal to take pictures of people without their consent? Good job you tool.

Do you know that you do not know your butt from a hole in the ground? We all know it. Consent is given when you walk into public. Consent needed if I intend to use your picture in a for-profit commercial venture. You think paparazzi have signed consent forms to publish celeb pictures that trolls like you drool over in the check-out line at WalMart? Stay out of law.

It is true, once you get into public it is usually okay to take pictures, but there are restrictions. Such as respecting privacy. When somebody sleeps I would think they would like to have their privacy wouldn't they?

No it's not illegal to take pictures of people in public, it would be illegal if you took pictures of random people and then either sold them or tried to make money off of them in some way, or if you used it some sort of malicious intent, that could be considered slanderous. Think about how many random strangers are in pictures people take, all that would be illegal based on your logic.

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Exactly, people are accidentally in pictures people take all the time, when you take a picture in a public place, people are going to be in them, its not easily avoidable. And according to #13's logic, it would be illegal to take pictures in public places like amusment parks, malls, restaurantes, etc. So good job #13, I would not pursure a career in law if I were you.

It's a completely different matter when someone DELIBERATELY involves someone else in a picture and doesn't even try to be discreet about it. And yes, it IS illegal here to take pictures of someone without their consent. Taking a picture of your family in a park while people walk by in the background is a completely different matter to taking a picture of someone you don't know when they're unaware.

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Not in a public place, though I don't know if an airplane counts...

hey, no harm no foul, move on, I mean it's not like you were taking pics down her blouse or up her dress. hey that gives me ideas.. lol

Pwned by the boyfriend! Be respectful next time. YDI.

Another voice from the "Dumbass Choir"... who said it was her boyfriend? I begin to understand how, why, and by whom HO got elected President.

Are you actually retarded? "If you want to take a picture of my *GIRLFRIEND*, wait until she's awake" Learn to read!

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It clearly says "... a man sitting behind us said. If you want to take a picture of my girlfriend, wait until she's awake..."

who the hell is H. O.? There is BO for Barack Obama. Please explain to me who H. O. is without making me angrier.

Do you always take pictures of random people when they are sleeping??? You guys are wierdos!!!!!!!!!

i know mlleangelique is a girl. It would be kinda worrying if a man had an alias with 'angelique' anywhere in it.

if I was him, I woulda punched you in your face!!!!

and if I was OP, I would have had a Federal Marshal greeting you when left the plane. Federal Charge: Air Rage. And then I would have taken you picture as your violent ass was cuffed and hauled away. In fact, that would have been a funnier picture. lol