By dickface - 28/03/2011 20:13 - Canada

Today, I was sitting beside a very cute girl on a 3 hour bus trip with my class. She fell asleep, head on my lap. She woke up because my erection was jabbing her in the cheek. FML
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mintcar 9'd you explain that one?


bravesfan112233 0

was her mouth open?

Lol. Gross indeed, why the hell didn't you move her head or something?? Still FYL...

to bad she didn't suck... u get where I'm going with this. nice job OP!!!!

well played OP..........

that's a pretty hard situation to get out of.

that's a pretty hard situation to get out of.

kofinater 3

sounds like the start of a pron

^ It's porn, retard.

Pron is a meme, just so you know.

Jvr91 8

it's not English class retard ANYWAY I would say it's my phone or just ask her out lol

kofinater 3

or its a simple typo, not a terribly large mistake. No need for the harsh words, that hurt :'(

ASHLEYbcddd 0

Chill brah. It was a typo

jrsgreenfire257 0

Jabbing, Great word :)

bobkim302 0

I agree! I remember those day 20 years ago

tell her you really had to pee? dosent men get boners on when they gotta pee badly?

Prankster7o7 5

^^ Morning Wood, haha.

brycereid 0

162 - no unless they have some weird penis or they arnt normal

that's sexual harassment.

Uh, you should have just woke her up right when she fell over on you. If you knowingly let someone accidentally lie their head in such an inappropriate place like that then you deserve to be embarrassed. I hope she tells everyone in school what a pervert you are.

175 - yeah, like you wouldn't do the same.

Uh no I wouldn't cause I'm not a pervert. I like sex as much as the next guy, but I also have some standards of right and wrong.

how is he at fault when she fell asleep on him?

I would have pretended to sleep

RookiePyro 0

175, No guy, nor any person really, would have woken her up. "Hey I have a cute girl who just needs a place to rest her head...EXCUSE ME MISS THAT IS INCREDIBLY INAPPROPRIATE, MOVE AWAY!"

Ohmygod xD. #1's picturee wins LMFAO .

your life is chill bro

MrFlintstone 5

should have woke her upand said

MrFlintstone 5

^FAIL^ op should have yelled heads up.

*don't and no they don't get boners when they have to pee

it's okay bro I do that same typo allot

Why everyone is freeking out here? What is wrong with having a boner in this situation?

26 patrick is soo high XD

I feel its appropriate to shriek uncontrollably about women not knowing the exacts about male anatomy here (in response to the boner when you gotta pee thing)

sammywhits 0

ahhh hahahahaha

dude that's a way to give her a wake up call

Porno. The way he phrased the sentence would be gramaticilly incorrect with just the word porn. Retards.

avatar0810 15

I would've like moved her up to my shoulder or something.

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Seanie 0

actually, morning wood can be caused by a full bladder. obviously that's not what happened to op though.

actualy u sorta do. mofning wood is cause when u lie sideways ur bladder puts preasure on yur prostate which makes ur body think yur prostate is full so u get an errection. once u pee u relieve the pressure....some people with large bladdders can have that happen to them even when vertical

haha thats fuvking hilarious

175 ever thought she just put her head their and he said ok?

ters19 10

#71 get it hard situation

Mikekenny 0


Today, I was on a bus after a night of not much sleep. I must have fallen asleep on the lap of the guy I was sitting next to, because the next thing I know I'm being poked in the face by his woody. FML

You spell it pr0n on the Internet.'re suppose to tuck the rock to the side in anticipation of that possibility.

jeter39 2

did u talk about the first thing that came up? lol

grammatically, you mean? who's the retard here? hahaha

I know really a cute girl falls asleep in your lap like any normal male would say something about it

ummm no you must be EASY and this is coming from a 14 year old :)

SittingInTheSky 6

#218. moving her head would've woken her up, she would most likely have seen the motherfucking boner and either got extremely embarrassed, slap him shitless or get down on him. most likely second option. suck on that.

taticalnNinja 5

yo mann

noeyolivia 0


country868 0

I agree wow

DarkHelmet 10

that is awesome!!

dark helmet ur pic says it all

McLovin30 2

yo! o-o

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whoa lol

Azarjan 0

I'm confused D:

mintcar 9'd you explain that one?

8r4d1ey 0

ding dang walla walla cheek bang!

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alliewillie 22

3 are you intentionally trying to look like a cheap prostitute? if so, nice job. to OP: sorry, that sucks, but you really should have shifted her off it if that happened.

"Oh hey you're up" See now that can be directed to either the girl or his penis.

C6Racer 0

That sure caught me off-guard, 85.

106, how would that catch you off guard?? 3 is clearly playing that part.. though not very well..

BadasS14 0

haters gonna hate

sweet_blue 3

Lmfao good one

Heather_x0x0 6

85 are you intentionally trying to be a bitch? if so, nice job.

jrsgreenfire257 0

Gotta say, the banana in my pocket was haooy to see you.

JCBaseball13 6

you can rest ur head on my lap

C6Racer 0

115, I was referring to the photo.

but you know it's true 138

clarissa_Gyall 0

jeez why y'all hatin? lord,who cares if the chic wants her pic like that? just mind your damn business!!!

55's had me grinning during work break.

138, are you trying to deny the fact that you also believe she looks like a cheap whore and that your trying to make yourself look better by calling out the person who told the truth in a community where no one cares? If so, good job.

RiskiBusiness 1

I agree with 138!.

3, just wondering is that a pink dildo on your bed? it looks like it lol

RiskiBusiness 1

I agree with 138!.

oh my god, really what's the point fighting? is it really that big of deal? yall just need to chillax...

txgirl2013 14

I agree with 85-

iiNfAMoUs_KiiD 3


she shouldn't be on your lap anyways, she should be in the kitchen

I actually do kinda agree... if she doesn't want to hear crap being talked about her then she should put some clothes on. but it's her choice and her pic can be whatever she wants... preferably with clothes on.

herotime 7

299- you sir=win

that exactly what I thought about 3, though a few other words went through my head.....

i agree with your comment a 100%

that was toward 85....

JacksonHorton 0

85, are you trying to give me your number? if so go ahead

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mintcar 9

Woah. Haha. I think I may have posted this in the beginning of Physics lab, i don't know. I've been so tired lately that I'm actually starting to lose my mind with no concept of time. The comments are incredibly funny though. HAHAHA. Anyways, I have to study for my Animal Physiology exam. While you're all worrying yourself with what I have on , I'll be too busy trying not to care. Night. -___- Oh and the blue phone cover case comment made me laugh. ( Could've been on another post, idk. ) Peace.

mintcar I still wanna no is that a dildo on your bed?

mintcar 9

It's not my bed and it's not a dildo. Someone already explained to you exactly what it was. Ciao.

I think your seeing things as I see no explanation? and u pose like that on other people's beds... that's a bit disturbing

sarahgrace4 0

hahahaha loser control your penis

please #3 cover up your breast. I might have nightmares.

mintcar 9

377, ever considered bangs?

395. ever considered buying adult clothes instead of kids sizes? or is prostitution not paying enough at the moment

somnopes 0

a was uupppp


To friggin everyone, who the heck are we to judge number 3? We don't know her so stop being hateful and ignorant, sure she could dress a little more modestly. But damn if that kind of stuff bothers you go egg some pornstars house or something, they do far worse than just show some cleavage.

OneLittleAdditio 9

Mint you make women look bad. Ugh! First, because your wardrobe is trashy and disgusting. Second, you're just ugly!

laurbear12 3

harsh 85

laurbear12 3

416 you are one to talk haha

while you are down there...

Heather_x0x0 6

hey, I agree that she is not dressed appropriately...

RedPillSucks 31

mintcar shows some mamorries and people go crazy. Give the girl a break. She looks fine. It's the first time she's shown a pic like that. I for one, am glad I don't have to rotate my head around to see her pic, and she's definitely not ugly. just stop the hate.

Damn. I was excited to read all these replies.

Heather_x0x0 6

LOL 478 me too damn it! hahahaha

aww removed

That wasn't the only thong jabbing her, right OP ;)?

Thing* dammit!

RiskiBusiness 1

I agree with 138!.

SittingInTheSky 6

lol 478 same but what a shame I'm getting positively HORNY with grief about it. Fucktard.

shoulda been like awkward turtle..

you had your chance bro, and you blew it (hopefully not literally)

BlackOpsPWNR 0

no, she blew it..

bravesfan112233 0

was her mouth open?

ASHLEYbcddd 0

lol at your pic

zulma23 0


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lol tht pics awesome!!

avatar0810 15

awesome pic and 68 you are beautiful

I love ur pic!!! if she was pink she would look like a snorlax, like, seriously....

AceArctic 4

2 paths to take here... 1) I'd let her play with my pokeballs any day! 2) OP used harden. It's super effective!

fsu69 0

damn nice hog 180

Pokemon references for the win. If I were the innocent victim of this fml I'd use substitute and then flee... *It is physically impossible for harden to be referred as as super effective but I lawled anyway. :D

aiden2976 0

298, she had feelings but she ate them away.


Snorlax is blue, think your thinking of Jigglypuff.


Snorlax are Blue buddy, think your thinking of Jigglypuff

Shiny snorlax are just more saturated but if wailord and skitty can get it on, so can snorlax and jigglypuff!! HSOJA!

clarissa_Gyall 0


Snorlax is grey nice try tho :)

mendozaale 0

nice wonder wat she was dreaming

FMLephant 2

She was dreaming about a toothpick stabbing her cheek.

^^win haha that made me lolgasm

thts sooooooooo embarrassing, but u shoulda thought of something else, like old nasty gross nuns :DDDD

Oh... You aren't attracted to old nuns?.... Oh..

Sandwiches. Always works for me. lol Or Drew Barrymore...<shudder>

not the really old nasty ones

If I try to think of nuns, they always end up as stripper/lesbian nuns.

Nun thoughts make me think of sabotaging catholic schools and those thoughts always include nudity. Luckily I'm female so I don't get boners.

dead puppies.. just keep repeating it

dhwig 0

446 and 449... WIN!

epmorr2010 9

try Rosie O'donald cuz that's a good safe word for either boy or girl

Cyrus00 41

Sandwiches just get me going even more.

nice. :) obviously she was comfortable with you enough to fall asleep on you.

Or she was dead tired and couldn't help but fall asleep on some horny teen boy.

omfgfmlisgreat 2

Who said OP was a teen?

He said he was on a bus trip with his class, the last time I was on a bus trip with my class was when I was in high school. But I guess he could mean college..

or she knows she's cute and wanted to wake up to a boner on her face. this is the obvious theory.

No, obviously she's a slut who doesn't mind putting her head in an incredibly inappropriate place while at school function!!

Women do stuff like this on purpose. To avoid accidental boners I offer to sit on my female friends laps. But when they do sit or rest on my lap I focus on other things. But some chicks have to go for the penis, they just want to see if the guy likes them and go out of their way to touch their guy friends penis. And ladies should have a rough idea where on the body the penis is located so if they don't want to send mixed signals or have it jabbing them, they should avoid contact with the area.

Alicia17C 2

lol at the slut part. she shouldn't have been "sleeping around".

ivanoff 0


dragonstrike94 8

Not anymore

stevenJB 25

She probably fell asleep sitting straight up and the bus took a left turn, causing her(still asleep) to lay on him.

dude just push her on your shuldr

Rashadd 6

I wonder Wat she said when she woke up??

I'm up. Oh, wait, so are you...

I dont think she was sleeping

dragonstrike94 8

Ooh look a twzzler