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Today, I had to take my little brother to the pool. He acted like a brat the whole time, and when I told him we were leaving, he ran away, slipped, and hit his face on the tile floor. He told my dad and step-mom I punched him. They believed him, and I'm grounded for two months. FML
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I'm sorry you had to deal with that, OP. It's not your responsibility to parent him. And it sounds like your parents aren't very dedicated to the task either.


I don't believe OP took him to the pool as a treat the way it's worded.

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Well played little brother, well played

Yeah I'd have to say that's a sucker-punch. You may have lost that round with your brother, but at least it wasn't a TKO. I mean 2 months is a long time. But don't throw in the towel just yet.

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*clears throat* ahem, after reading your profile, there is only one thing left to ask. At what time doth the narwhal bacon?

Well, 1.... OP can easily just punch him in the face anyhow. Double jeopardy. Ohhhh yeah. :3

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Why the **** would you post that? You sir, are a terrible human being. Yeah, sure, you have the freedom of speech-and so do i-but what you say has some consequences to it too you know. So next time, watch what you say, and watch what you post too, cause it can be hurtful to other people

That's not well played, he's just a little shit and the parents are too stupid to realise they are indulging their son's bratty behaviour.

I have seen far worse things than any of these posts 74, with people getting into heated debates. It's the ******* Internet. If you don't like it, hit the back button and move on with your life, you aren't going to change the way someone acts on the Internet with a parental scolding. And there are things called jokes. This is not really an, "I'm looking for advice" kinda site, but a "my life sucks so much and this is why" site. Nobody would be here if it didn't make us laugh, because otherwise it would be a site about ******* complaining about their first world problems. Yeah, I have life issues I have a tough time dealing with, but these strangers don't give a shit, they have their own problems to deal with, and that is the way the world works.

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My little brother has done this to me too... all part of being an older sibling.. sorry op :/

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I drive my other siblings to school most days of the week on my way to Uni, and order us coffee every morning at Starbucks, but they're always bitchy to me aswell as throwing tantrums in public if I don't let them have their own way - they're 14 and 9. I totally understand your situation too- I'm in it too. FYL.

Wow, I'm glad I don't have the same problems. Some siblings just sound waaaay too spoiled. F all your lives.

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I'm the youngest and my one older brother used to throw tantrums all the time.

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38, you buy your 9 year sibling Starbucks?

I shall refer to my name for this. Haha.

I'm sorry you had to deal with that, OP. It's not your responsibility to parent him. And it sounds like your parents aren't very dedicated to the task either.

Yea that really pisses me off when parents leave shit up to you...especially when it has to do with parenting (kinda their job)

Part of being a family means you take care of each other. It's not crazy for a parent to ask their child to spend time with and take out their sibling. Still, sorry about your luck OP! Siblings can really be a pain!

#49, It's not crazy for parents to ask older siblings to take care of each other, right. But it's also not crazy for parents to expect younger siblings to heed the older sibling who has been tasked with their care, for younger siblings to take care of their older brothers and sisters by not lying to get them in trouble, and for parents to not automatically assume one child is right.

This is part of the reason why when 3ish years ago my mom and step-dad told me they were having a baby I right from the start made it clear that their kid=their responsibility. I would help out with him only out of my own goodness or for pre-agreed compensation. I also made it clear that if they ever tried to force care onto me they would be responsible for whatever trouble he got himself into, because I wouldn't stop him from doing whatever he wanted, consequences be damned, and they'd go to jail for it because it was their legal responsibility to make sure he was safe, not mine. It seems that I made a convincing enough case and have a long enough history of stubbornly sticking to my guns that they never decided to risk calling my bluff.

Nope, just didn't want to get stuck raising someone else's kid. I've got no problem helping of my own accord, but I've seen far too many older siblings have to put aside their childhoods because mommy and daddy didn't want to pony up and take responsibility for their choice and thought an older child=24/7 free babysitter.

The older siblings always cop the blame for stuff

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Seriously.. This kids like a little Stewie

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I feel your pain OP :/ I have a younger brother too and no matter what happens, he always makes it into my fault and of course I'm the one that gets in trouble. Gotta love being an older sibling right? Hopefully he'll grow out of the brat stage. But hey! There's always blackmail! Older siblings almost always have dirt on their younger siblings, just use that to make him tell your parents the truth ;) good luck!

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And she was also wrongly accused, too. When you are framed by adults or your parents, then you develop anger issues and you get more detached from you parents until you want to live with your friends than with your parents. It also develops trust issues with both the parent and the person who was wrongly accused.

I would punch him, so that at least you deserve what you are getting punished for.

Yep! While singing: Drowning Pools- "Let the bodies hit the floor"! :P

It sucks being an older sibling sorry about being grounded. Just remember revenge is a dish best served cold. :)

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More like OP's brother's favourite meal frozen and no one wanting to warm it up/cook the food for him.

Give him a trip to your family pool later on, that is to say the toilet bowl.

OMG, how could have not punched him?!?! Despite him being young... You definitely don't have a short temper, I applaud you!! But, yes, the fact that you got the blame is something that happens to older siblings all the time, there is no way to stop it.... Unfortunately :/ FYL OP

Depending on the parents, there can actually be ways to address it. Let's say a kid approached a parent at a time of relative calm (not in the middle of a he-said-she-said crisis, at any rate) and said, politely and maturely, something like "Can we talk for a minute? I feel like sometimes you automatically take (sibling)'s word for what happened and don't hear my side of it, and I wind up getting in trouble for something I didn't do or that we both did. That kind of hurts. Would you please at least listen to me when that happens?" Most parents would at least keep that in mind the next time there was trouble. Of course, that older sib had better not lie when telling their side, or they'll lose any credibility and come off worse than before.

Omg. There are real parents out there that do that?!!? *Mindblown!*

58- I see where you are coming from :) 90- Just shutup, that was completely unnecessary...

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You should actually punch him then.

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I agree, if you're getting punished anyways might as well finish it