By verrine - 19/06/2009 08:22 - United Kingdom

Today, I was mugged on my way to the bus stop. With no money or mobile I started to panic about the exam I had and ran the 3.5 miles to get to there. When I staggered up to the building only 20mins after the exam started, the university staff wouldn't let me sit it as I couldn't prove my identity. FML
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lol, how great would it be if the mugger went and took the test using your ID and purposely failed it just to screw you over even more?


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Hey Look I'm on top!!! Anyways you have to wonder what kind of douchebag votes YDI on these sorts of FML's

I know, right? They deserved it for...getting MUGGED?? God, what terrible luck!

One of a kind.. They're ******* though..

seriously. i don't get why people don't pitch a fit when stuff like this happens. no way in hell would i let them fail me for something like this.

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Dude, there was an FML in which the OP got CANCER and some assholes said YDI for that. Disregard them. I'm so sorry dude. Maybe you could explain it to the professor?

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they usually either click the wrong button, read it wrong, or think it's fake when they click YDI. oh, and then there's the few that want to be funny or just click the opposite of what everyone else is clicking.

base on experience I'm thinking this was a university entrence exam. certain schools have their own exams unlike the SAT system in US. I don't think normal class exams need identificaion even online ones

ydi for living in Manchester ... no just kidding the shopping is great :D

lol, how great would it be if the mugger went and took the test using your ID and purposely failed it just to screw you over even more?

Not that great, really xP. But it would be an funny story lol. And Agrajagged...what??

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How can the mugger get worse than a '0' on the test? Unless in the UK not taking a test still gets you half the credit or something.

well, actually, there are test where a wrong answer gets -1/2 a point, while not answering gets you 0 points

Do you think this guy has a evil twin? THERE IS SUPPOSED TO BE A PICTURE ON AN ID?! He can't do that.

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Actually, if he was mugged he can probably take a make-up exam on another day. It may be a harder exam though, so it still sucks. Anyway, if the mugger had taken the test and failed it on purpose, OP would have had a harder time getting permission to do a make-up exam.

Rofl. #61 is right there folks..OP needed an I.D. for the test..BECAUSE IT SHOWS WHO HE would the mugger use it? Fools.

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They got a zero anyway dumb ass. Or did you not grasp that from the university not letting them "sit" the exam?

You should have whipped out a bill and said, "Listen, Mr. Washington here thinks you should let me in", and wink and put it in his pocket. Aw crap its from the UK, I didn't realize. I DON'T KNOW THEIR DAMN MONETARY SYSTEM.

And just FWI, in England, their money is called pounds. That´s important to understanding the English monetary system.

And Mr. Washington would get you laughed at! Mr. Lincoln or Mr. Hamilton might get you past a poor student monitor. Mr. Jackson or Mr. Grant would get you in past a university employee. Mr. Franklin would get you an A on the test! YDI for not going to the police and filing a report. Once you have a case number, you go to your professor and ask to make up the exam and show him your excuse. You should never have to take a test after being the victim of a violent crime (even if it was only the threat of violence that parted you from your wallet).

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I've called them now with but I have to wait a couple of days for them to sort a crime reference number! It's still not the sort of stress I need before my final uni exam.

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You have a point about not taking an exam after a violent crime. I'd extend that to any kind of extremely stressful event (I can imagine a lot... Even witnessing an accident or crime could cause enough stress to do poorly on an exam). However, universities often under-estimate stress. I heard in Canada the highest suicide rate is among university students, but universities and the government do what they can to make this not too noticeable. Don't know if that's true though, but I'd like to know if someone can confirm it.

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Honestly, if that happened to me, I would already be freaking out about the exam. And if I had everything stolen from me, I would have been worrying about the exam. The police would come later. I'm not sure if the OP and I had a normal response though. I would still try to make the exam. And if it's a board exam, there are no make-ups. You would have to wait until at least the next year.

And since you ran to the exam instead of filing a police report, you don't have any proof you were mugged. I don't know if you deserved it for expecting University staff to act like human beings instead of robots or if your life is truly ******.

Well you've must not have taken final exams at a university. You'd be amaze at the thinking process of people on final week. Especially if said finals count for a large percentage of a grade.

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He also was taking a mobile phone into an exam. That's an instant disqualification, so I'm voting YDI.

Actually, he wasn't taking a phone into the exam - if you read carefully, he says that he lost his "mobile," meaning the bus that he was on his way to... a problem since he was 3.5 miles away. Anyway, to the OP, FYL.

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Sorry, but... whoa? As long as it is turned off there are places where there is no issue with having a cell phone around at the exam. Hell, I had one turned on to see the time and no one said anything. It's university, for chrissake!

yeah, I took an exam recently at my local uni (for schooling purposes) three kids had hiptops sitting on their desks, and the exam supervisor didn't give a shit (then again, this same supervisor let me take exam revision notes and look through them while in the middle of the exam)

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damn, i feel your pain. I'm in the middle of my exams and i don't think i could handle something like that. I hope you can work something out.

that sucks big time man, hopefully you got it sorted out though

Oh my goodness! This is terrible! I hope it all worked out and you didn't fail.