By xxSecretAngelxx - 19/08/2013 18:35 - United States - Fayetteville

Today, I had a group presentation. I kept zipping my jacket up and down nervously. As I waited for my turn, I realized a bunch of classmates staring at me. I forgot that in the morning rush, I only put on a jacket. I only had a bra on underneath. FML
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Hi everyone! I'm the OP and for those who were wondering I am in college which makes this story the more embarrassing! It was my first presentation this semester. It was a group presentation so I was already standing in front of the class with the rest of my group waiting for my turn to speak. Someone commented how come nobody told me when I walked in the class, when I walked in my jacket was zipped up, I started playing with my zipper when I was up in front of the class because it is a nervous tick I have, I do it without even noticing it. Kinda like how some girls twirl their hair or bite their nails. Of course either one of those would have been less embarrassing on that particular day!

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perdix 29

I'm sure they were eagerly anticipating your solo!

At least you had a bra on under the jacket! Would have made for an even more interesting class without it!


perdix 29

I'm sure they were eagerly anticipating your solo!

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Plot twist: Still funnier than your desperate for attention reply.

It's not a love story. It's a comment about how everyone saw her bra

67- That's exactly how much better it is than Twilight. The FML isn't even a love story, yet it still has more substance than Meyer ever could fit into four books. Hence the joke. I am, however, starting to fatigue of that joke, anyway.

Stephanie is a nice lady; leave her alone!

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No one attacked Ms Meyer, just her body of work. There is a big difference.

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Well hopefully her teacher noticed. It might boost the grade a little bit. That was nice of OP, helping her group out.

On the bright side, they thought she was doing it on purpose.

At least you had a bra on under the jacket! Would have made for an even more interesting class without it!

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LOL at least you gave your classmates a treat OP

#90 Pretty ******* creative comment you have there.

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at least you can rest assured you have their full attention

Is there a footage of this anywhere? I just want to make sure OP isn't exaggerating...

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Yeah, science, as in biology .

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Damn straight science is important and video footage us all a part of science #62

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or even math. i mean i have to give a first-hand estimate of how much the bewbies weigh, you know, for my research.

She already had their curiosity. This earned her their attention.

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I guess you gave your classmates a little presentation on the side. Hope they appreciated it.

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FML we need to upload pictures for reasons like this, girls thumbs down vs guys thumbs up

*stares awkwardly at the thumbs buttons* I dunno which one to press.

if they didnt look away in disgust then I guess it's nice that you at least have a nice chest? My strange way of "take it as a compliment"

What would have to be wrong with someone's boobies to make people look away in disgust?? :/ Boobs are boobs surely?

Clearly you've never seen "There's Something About Mary."

You gotta love the ones that could use a pair of tube socks as a bra!!!

I have seen plenty of breasts that I asked people to put away. Boobs are boobs, yeah. But I don't want to look at the ugly ones.

^ Self-important wannabe alpha male dumbass.

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No such thing as ugly boobs... I believe boobs and vaginas are the most beautiful things nature has created, every single one is unique and beautiful in its own way...

#61: Are you sure you've actually done that and you are not trying to sound "cool"? You don't sound like someone with the capability to get a girl to show you her breasts.

#116 that was RIDICULOUSLY creepy! But it was so funny!!! I don't know why you got downvoted.

Pics or... It didn't... Happen? Oh God, it was difficult to say that...