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Hi everyone! I'm the OP and for those who were wondering I am in college which makes this story the more embarrassing! It was my first presentation this semester. It was a group presentation so I was already standing in front of the class with the rest of my group waiting for my turn to speak. Someone commented how come nobody told me when I walked in the class, when I walked in my jacket was zipped up, I started playing with my zipper when I was up in front of the class because it is a nervous tick I have, I do it without even noticing it. Kinda like how some girls twirl their hair or bite their nails. Of course either one of those would have been less embarrassing on that particular day!
By xxSecretAngelxx / Monday 19 August 2013 18:35 / United States - Fayetteville
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67- That's exactly how much better it is than Twilight. The FML isn't even a love story, yet it still has more substance than Meyer ever could fit into four books. Hence the joke.

I am, however, starting to fatigue of that joke, anyway.

  nurchok  |  15

No such thing as ugly boobs... I believe boobs and vaginas are the most beautiful things nature has created, every single one is unique and beautiful in its own way...

  kasumirock  |  13

#61: Are you sure you've actually done that and you are not trying to sound "cool"? You don't sound like someone with the capability to get a girl to show you her breasts.


Today, my house was broken into. After we called the police, my dad started calling himself Sherlock Holmes and talking in a British accent. He insists on calling me Watson. He is going around the neighborhood acting like Sherlock, investigating stuff. He won't stop. FML

By MarissaKayleen / Monday 12 August 2013 10:06 / Canada - Saskatoon

Today, I hugged my dad. Since I don't hug him very much, he was confused. When I pulled away from him, smiling, he slapped me, saying the smiling and the hug made it look like I was "up to something." FML

By teentee401 / Monday 7 July 2014 17:04 / United States - Canonsburg
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