By ouchiee - / Thursday 7 April 2011 04:17 / United States
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  Aldebaran_fml  |  0

If he does have pollen allergy he shouldn´t be practicing Rugby since he´s exposing himself to polen, he doen´t deserved his sternum sprain, but he does deserve the allergic part since he exposed himself to his allergen.

  jes1610  |  6

56 I play rugby and I'm a female in America. she probably BRUISED her sternum not sprained it that's stupid. I sprained my wrist recently at a match and it hurts like hell. injuries in game suck

  Monkyman2006  |  0

how is this at all relevant to the subject at hand? I would also be willing to bet that a sprained sternum is a bit worse than 2 broken ribs. FYL and get well soon, OP.


Meth? Because inhaling fumes that will irritate your lungs and likely make you cough even more is a great idea for the OP. Every other time though, I'd be on-board with the meth thing.

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