By ouchiee - 07/04/2011 04:17 - United States

Today, I sprained my sternum in my rugby match. I now can't yell, laugh, cough, inhale or exhale fully, or sneeze without a sharp pain shooting through my chest. I have a pollen allergy, and sneeze every 5 or 10 minutes. FML
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A trip to the hospital may be beneficial.

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33, damn straight. Everyone knows they make rugby balls from pollen.


least you haven't been slapped in the chest yet

ya, but you should see the other guy. bet he doesn't have allergies though :P

he, she, it's all the same. we are all man. right? no? ok, fine then, I'm sexist and saw rugby and assumed male :)

So many insensitive people hitting ydi. How is it OP's fault?

If he does have pollen allergy he shouldn´t be practicing Rugby since he´s exposing himself to polen, he doen´t deserved his sternum sprain, but he does deserve the allergic part since he exposed himself to his allergen.

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33, damn straight. Everyone knows they make rugby balls from pollen.

I thought NRL balls were made from frozen dinosaur testicles?

sternum is a bone and you can't sprain bones? sprains are in the muscle.. how much of this is true because a doctor wouldn't tell you that

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no no no...its made from a portion of a dinosaur penis..

this why girls don't play rugby!!! lol jokes!!! go broncos or wallabies !!

So you sprained a bone? Playing rugby whilst also being female? In America? I'm calling BS on this. None of those things can ever happen.

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56 I play rugby and I'm a female in America. she probably BRUISED her sternum not sprained it that's stupid. I sprained my wrist recently at a match and it hurts like hell. injuries in game suck

Fucking rep that shit up! Springboks for life :D yeah women do play! I watched some games.

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A trip to the hospital may be beneficial.

Yah allergy meds like zertec you should take IMMEDITALY and maybe you should drink that eases the pain BUT DONT take it with the meds!!!

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Not much to say. Fu*k your life.

Stop breathing... Problem sorted. ;-)

true that. op needs to stay away from flowers and the garden ha

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nothing but fyl. get well soon (:

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my friends dad broke two ribs when he sneezed so it could be worse :D

how is this at all relevant to the subject at hand? I would also be willing to bet that a sprained sternum is a bit worse than 2 broken ribs. FYL and get well soon, OP.

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Probably time to hit up the Claratyne/Zyrtec/something else along these lines, OP.

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Meth? Because inhaling fumes that will irritate your lungs and likely make you cough even more is a great idea for the OP. Every other time though, I'd be on-board with the meth thing.

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meth? weed would be better....yea i kno op would have to inhale, but i would help with the pain.

glad to be surrounded by such geniuses. |the kid|

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How are yu going to tell OP to stop breathing? What a dumb ass... As for yu OP, yeahhh yur life is ******

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Um, I'm pretty sure the "stop breathing" comment was a joke. Chill.

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typing doesn't require sharp or deep breathing.