By SlickMcK - United States
  Today, my mother asked me if I'd heard of anal sex. Before I could fully process her question, she explained that it's dangerous because the tissues of the anus are finer and more susceptible to STDs. There were still forty minutes left in our car ride. FML
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  jadedwaitress  |  0

Oh no, you have a parent that gives enough of a shit to try to educate you about sex. My mother always made for open communication about sex and because of that I'll never be a teenage mother and I can count the amount of people I've slept with or fooled around with on one hand.

  Stevefett  |  0

You should have replied that of course you have heard of it. Then tell her you've been doing it for 3 years now. That'll show her. Oh yeah tell her you love it.

  laideehawk  |  6

This reminds me of the old Masengill douche commercial. The mother goes to her daughter, "Do you ever get that not so fresh feeling?". This is a definite FML for op!

  mandy_Reeves  |  0

her mom watches too much oprah or The View. they always have the stories about how teens do oral and anal so they can still claim to be virgins. my mom was like that too but i was 23 at the time

  Neon_Radikal  |  0

I think I know 34 o.o because, I know this kid Alex, that does a lot of weird names "AlexTheHusky", "AlexTheGayHusky" and stuff like that... LOL. Sorry, a bit random and off topic.


I am sorry to hear that someone that young is engaging in that. One would think it a healthier choice to simply not partake in any bodily activity at that age. Seriously, have you a low image of yourself? Just don't play that game.

  penguinazul  |  13

I totally agree with you, 106.

I thought we had to worry about kids just having regular sex at you kids are having anal? Jesus, what is the world coming to? Some things just aren't MEANT for little children. Anal sex is one of them. *dies*