By gudmarjoh - Iceland
Today, after studying all night for an exam, I ran out to catch the bus. On my way to the bus, my hair got caught in a branch for some minutes. Thinking I'd missed the bus but thankfully didn't, I went on. A few minutes later I remembered that my exam had been postponed for 3 hours today. FML
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By  zp5  |  4

wait! wait for me! *trips and falls on knees* sssssssss ahhhhhhhh! ssssssss ahhhhhhhh! sssssssss ahhhhhhhh! sssssssss ahhhhhhhh! (from Family Guy)

  lindsaysue  |  4

evig- Lois did it in an episode after peter's accident, only she is holding her breast instead of her knee like Peter did.

But Peter's was the original..


Hahaha by initiative I mean running for the bus. From experience, I can tell you most of the time I'd rather be late than look like a fool. And I know that makes no sense but that's just me... not making any sense.