By Starchyld - Canada
Today, I went on blind date with a guy because both our moms thought we'd like eachother. Things were going really well until I got up to go to the bathroom and he says: "My mom was right, you do have perfect breedin' hips!" FML
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This is a compliment...not an fml
would u rather be a twig that has to have a c-section just to get the baby
or have hips which give you more room to push your baby out
dont be mad just because he said that

so not an fml!!!

  The_Pleb  |  0

FYL for being such a humorless, ignorant piece of fluff

He just used humor and complimented you at the same time.

Fuck your life

O and this is officialy the fourth comment


  Books4Me  |  0

#28- I have very large hips and am still going to need a C-section because I also happen to be very short and very that area. A baby will probably just not fit. Me and all of my siblings were born via C-section and my mom is basically the same size as me. There's nothing wrong with it and body shape has very little to do with how a baby is born.

  staaaacyy  |  0

it's a compliment!!! he's sayin u hav nice hips: well he cud hav been less crude and atleast left out the part about his mother sayin that but stil!!!!

By  sparxva  |  12

Its a joke. Get over it. I read this FML to my fiance and she asked "do you think I have perfect breeding hips?" so I told her "I don't know, get naked and I'll check." ... and then we both laughed.

Learn to take a joke and not get upset so easily.