By roadrage - 22/10/2009 13:11 - Australia

Today, I missed my University entrance exam because of heavy traffic. I was stuck at one intersection for over an hour. The real kicker? It took me less than 10 minutes to drive home. FML
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This is a site for funny, unfortunate anecdotes. Not "Today, I found out my mom has cancer. Then my uncle broke in and raped me in front of the family. We're also losing our house tomorrow. FML"


Yikes. Well, if the traffic was really that bad, it might have made the news or something... I'm sure someone will understand and let you make up the exam (if this is recent at all).

Well, if it was so close that you can drive back that fast, it should be not very far away and you should have anticipated traffic by knowing the area and volume of people trying to get in and out to take the test. You shouldn't have been a lazy fatass and ridden a bike, ydi.

Sir or ma'am, not everyone owns a bike. There are all kinds of reasons why OP might not have been able to just walk or ride a bike, but I'm not going to write about them here because different people have already listed them.

#25 - does that mean i should have anticipated that my normal 30-minute drive to my doctor's office would take an hour and a half because of an accident that shut down the entire freeway? no. shit happens, it's not the OP's fault traffic was bad and bad traffic is not always predictable. not to mention, in 10 minutes, at 70mph, that would be 11½ miles. i wouldn't want to bike 11½ miles, would you?

u mustve left late then... cause if it takes 10 min normally then like maybe 30 min traffic? prepare ahead (Y)

lol as soon as I read this I knew the guy was Australian. go aussiee :)


You're stupid and insensitive.

This FML sux WTF IS HAPPENING IN THIS WORLD!!! ppl complaining about littlest things in life!!!

This is a site for funny, unfortunate anecdotes. Not "Today, I found out my mom has cancer. Then my uncle broke in and raped me in front of the family. We're also losing our house tomorrow. FML"

That would indeed be a very ****** life however.

Missing your entrance exam isn't really a "little" thing...

YDI for not timing it right, and setting off early, and getting stuck in traffic as a result.

Yes. Because somehow you know exactly how it happened.

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This is a little of both. That's really bad luck. At the same time, you should have planned ahead for everything. Especially for something this important. You should have prepared to arrive much earlier.

If you leave an hour early even though it is only a ten minute drive, I'm pretty sure it can be assumed that base was trying to be covered. :o

It didn't say the OP left an hour early, just that he was stuck at one intersection for an hour. He could have left only 10 minutes before the exam started for all we know. It's a FYL because traffic sucks and is unpredictable, but it's a YDI for not planning better. Especially if you lived local (considering it took you 10 minutes to get home) you should have known backroads and took another route if traffic was really that bad. You should always know multiple routes.

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I hate when people say "The real kicker?" or "Wanna know the kicker?" It's so douchy sounding.

It's an exam, I don't know how the system is where the OP lives, but that's not usually possible. You've gotta make it on time, if you don't then you're not getting into college that year.

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