By insomniac - 19/06/2009 06:41 - United States

Today, I was finally going to fall asleep at a decent hour. Having insomnia, I generally get about 2 hours of sleep. Right as I'm about to fall asleep, 5 firetrucks decide to drive right in front of my house with the sirens/lights on. FML
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I'm sure the people whose house was on fire were equally annoyed with this small inconvenience

God, people. I don't see where the OP is complaining that the firetrucks saved someone's life, she's saying that she had the bad luck of the fire happening JUST as she was finally drifting off. You morons giving her a hard time about it are going to be crying when she conks out behind the wheel and takes your SUV out. OP--I feel for you. Insomnia is horrible. I hope you can find something that works.


Ouch. Take some Nyquil, that stuff knocks you out.

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it doesn't make me drowsy at all

How did this get published? I couldnt sleep so FML? I'm sure whoever needed those "5" firetrucks was having a worse night...

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LOL I agree! #58

Agreed's with post's above me. How the hell did you guys post this shit?? Hell..the FML story I tried getting up here was better then this crap.

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Insomnia BLOWS though. It's a YLIF for sure. You start hallucinating, you get sick, you can't focus or concentrate on anything, it's the most miserable feeling. And Nyquil and all that stuff takes away from REM sleep so it's just as bad as not sleeping. I've suffered insomnia for two years...when I went to college it got to the point I was violently ill and could barely function. I even had to be moved off campus. Unless you're an insomniac, you have no idea what it's like to have less than 4 hours of sleep for weeks and weeks and months and years.

I'm an insomniac and I've never experienced anything like what you described. You need serious help. And by insomniac I mean 5 hours every night for the last 4 years.

Ummm... you do know you die from prolonged lack of sleep? That's why they give you the pills. Drug induced sleep is better than no sleep because that way you don't die.

#118...I have to say I refused to read your post as you started it off with "Wow, some people really just need something to bitch about, don't they?"...and then went on to bitch about people bitching...or so I assume... Your post was too suck

yeah it's true. i had insomnia as a kid. and i swear for a few years i really thought i saw a ufo out my window. i saw a lady next to my bed once too. but that might have been a ghost 0_0 or maybe that was hallucinations too. but that was it. it never got serious or anything. i simply couldn't sleep and at rare times couldn't tell what was a dream or reality so i hallucinated while i was trying to sleep

Hey, insomnia is pretty serious.

Yar. Insomnia is a bitch. I really feel for the OP, because even though mine isn't even that bad (mostly because I don't have anything keeping me from continuing to sleep throughout the day if necessary), there is nothing worse than being nearly DEAD tired, finally getting to sleep and then getting the shit scared out of you by a loud, blaring noise that makes it so you can't get any sleep for the next five damn hours. Because you're tired, extremely tired, but you can't. *******. sleep. :OH(P@&BV @. Anyway, yeah. Long posts aside, you're pretty much right. And as far as "oh, they were going to save someone's life, what assholes" ... jesus, shut up. I... I'm not even going to say much more than that, because obviously despite a third of the comments here being rebuttals to such idiotic comments, none of the idiots making those comments seem to get it.

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sooo true. Ur being selfish to think that u are having a bad night.

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#119, it may not be the longest, but probably one of the longest thats not about jesus

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uh, seriously? something was on fire, maybe people were dying. selfish ass...

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You're probably not *actually* insomniac, then. Insomnia is not "Oh, I have trouble sleeping once in a while," or "Oh, I only get four or five hours of sleep." Insomnia is when, no matter how tired you are, you cannot fall asleep. For days. Or weeks. Or you only sleep for an hour or two then wake up. So, no, I seriously doubt that you have insomnia.

around 6 hrs every night since like first grade. I remember seeing in my health textbook in fourth a clinic for people who can't sleep at night and asking my mom if I could go (even if it was all old people in the picture)

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So? Gah, just ignore it.

wow, you're beyond retarded. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT INSOMNIA IS!!

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i'm fairly certain he was talking about the fire trucks.

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If you had insomnia you would understand. You have no idea what we go through so you should STFU! Last night I got 30 minutes of sleep. Where you got your 8 hours, I got my 30 minutes!

There was probably a reason firetrucks were there, and sorry their saving lives and helping others takes precedence over your inability to take some meds. You are complaining for all the wrong reasons and this is a stupid FML to have been posted.

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Damn those selfish firemen!

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you guys are ******* retarded. he wasn't saying **** the firemen and let the people die. he was annoyed at the timing, just as you would have been.

I'm sure the people whose house was on fire were equally annoyed with this small inconvenience

I feel for you, guy. I had insomnia for a few years and it was the worst experience of my just eventually went away on its own for me. Nothing I tried worked. There probably wasn't even a fire...

#5 is right since we run 85% medical calls. so, it might not have been a fire, it could have been someone having a heart attack or a stroke, or they couldnt breath. but you are right for complaining about the fire department driving by. go ahead and remember that the next time you are in need of their assistance.

Of course, yeah, you would need 5 fire engines for one person having a stroke. Or, maybe a single ambulance would be more appropriate... But I do agree that in the grand scheme of things, this is not an FML, more FTL for the people who needed the fire service.

Fire trucks are always the first ones on the scene. There's no choice in the matter.

Of course, yes there's always someone having a worse time than you are. Whatever. It's a ******* website. Quit being so serious.

Yea I wish they would have let those people burn so you can get some sleep. Take some pills and shut up

Pills don't always work... I too have insomnia and have tried dozens of sleeping pills... 99.9% of the time they do not put me to sleep. Insomnia sucks. However, I do agree that it is important that the fire department was going to help I agree with the not really an FML.. but yet it is an FML because insomnia can be really bad with hallucinations and stuff. Lack of sleep sucks.

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Taking sleeping pills does not help with insomnia. In fact, it makes it worse. Much like other drugs, OP will eventually develop a tolerance to the pill, and will need to increase the dosage to gain the desired effect. This effectively makes it even MORE difficult for insomniacs to finally fall asleep. And I don't think I need to explain why downing 6 sleeping pills is bad for your health.

Who cares about people in danger, your sleep is far more important.

I don't think OP is trying to be an asshole, I just think the terrible timing is what he's trying to stress here.

Those inconsiderate bastards, how dare they?! They should know people are trying to sleep; responding to emergencies with their sirens and lights, what are they thinking? You should file a complaint or something for passing your house and disturbing the peace for a few seconds.

If you're having trouble sleeping black out your room and invest in some cheap earplugs or a white noise machine. This is less a FML and more a learning experience. At least it wasn't YOUR house.

Someone should write a letter to the fire department and tell them not to sound their sirens after a certain hour, because YOU need your sleep.