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Today, I was mugged at gunpoint by a senior citizen. She now has a lousy $20, and I probably have PTSD. FML
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KhaeKhae1 3

Senior citizens...sometimes dangerous,remember to think twice when an old lady asks you to help her cross the street.

Awh, 7, you ruined our chances to make up funny acronyms :(


KhaeKhae1 3

Senior citizens...sometimes dangerous,remember to think twice when an old lady asks you to help her cross the street.

hellbilly205 17

PTSD isn't so bad once you get use to it...

Defeating a senior mugger is easy, just push the life alert pendant on their chest, and authorities arrive shortly thereafter.

skulltorn 8

34- you're breaking OPSEC......

skulltorn 8

Well I can see you're an American soldier that's in Ft Campbell, Kentucky, an E-2 private... Thy can ream you like they did Petraeus lmao jk

69, Are you implying that every soldier is involved in a seemingly endless scandal? If so then I take offense to your statement since I'm in the Army as well.

skulltorn 8

86- well as long as soldiers wear their army values dog tag and pt belt they won't be involved in any scandal like the ex Gen. Lol

CharresBarkrey 15

This reminds me of Dumb and Dumber. "Hey, I guess they're right. Senior citizens, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose."

hellbilly205 17

Its not like you know my name though

skulltorn 8

Dude I was freaking kidding, and even if I did I'm pretty sure there's a crap load of soldiers with your last name. I thought I had a unique last until I joined smh

hellbilly205 17

Nope not too many with my last name, but i wasn't being a dick i was just saying you dont my last my name i wouldn't even care if you did lol

Dblocker 18

And people say old people aren't scary...

Never doubt someone just because they happen to be old. Better yet; don't doubt anyone because you have NO CLUE what they are capable of doing. Especially if they are mentally unstable or sick in the head.

StalkerChick 13

The fact that she was decrepit doesn't matter since that broad was strapped.

StalkerChick 13

Sorry, Umm her age doesn't matter because she had a gun. It's not as pathetic as it would've been if the old woman would've manhandled him without a weapon. OP shouldn't be ashamed..

52-Off topic, but love your name dude. A7X rules!

Don't worry 4, I got your comment(: I thought of my 94 year old great grandmother, and thinking of her as a "strapped broad" made me laugh. Unfortunately she also has dementia, so if she were to try to mug someone, she'd forget what she was doing and who you were before she could get any money out of you!

skyttlz 32

Awh, 7, you ruined our chances to make up funny acronyms :(

Parental Texting Sexually Disorder. It's quite the scare.

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25 - Being held at gunpoint can definitely cause PTSD. Even if by senior-citizen.

mischiefkel 17

46-Thought it was post, how does my friend's therapist tell the pre and post apart?

25- PTSD can be caused by many things, and there are different levels of PTSD. It's not something that people get after they come from war. I remember being told that everybody who comes home from boot camp has at least a small amount of PTSD.

StalkerChick 13

Oh gosh 62, please don't start an armed forces argument..

Yeah I Just heard yesterday that they aren't aloud to get cussed at while at boot camp. Lame.

Pretty soon hazing is gonna be illegal too

It already is. At least in the Marine Corps and the rest of the US Military. Edit: But hazing is aloud in boot camp but there are guidelines.

Basic training is meant to simulate an overly stressful environment but not enough to be traumatic. If someone ends up with any form of PTSD from basic training they probably aren't fit for military service. Especially with the way basic is run these days... cell phones and px trips every weekend, or so I hear from the new people that have come to my unit.

75, not sure what branch you're in, or where you went to Basic Training, but I went to FT. Benning, GA and we only went to the PX every couple weeks for haircuts and hygiene items. And the only people who were allowed to use their cell phones were the ones who didn't have any phone cards for the pay phones. And we only got to do that every few weeks. But you are correct in saying that it is not meant to cause PTSD or be traumatic in any way or form. In fact I had a blast at Basic

Hazing is illegal in a lot of places. It's because it is getting so hard core it is leading to deaths. And no university wants a death due to students on record. Hazing is one thing, but people are pushing things too far. Like everything, a select few ruin it for everyone.

mvc3ftw 17

I was hazed once,then I beat the crap out of the guy who hazed me.Never happened again:) and they say violence doesn't solve anything.

xxhollilollixx 6

84- The RVB quote on your profile was my senior quote in my HS yearbook :D

crazy4uboi 6

It's post traumatic stress disorder... It was a joke.

Purple Turtles Sexually Transmitting (diseases)

87. I think I went to the PX once or twice my entire cycle (and we went as a platoon) and wasn't able to use my phone or a pay phone until graduation week. I was referring to the cycles since mine about how they have their phones every weekend and what not.

PTSD is not something to joke about. Its terrible, have some respect.

easyprey 8

At least you didn't get hit by a electric wheelchair drive by.

Everybody just ignores señor citizens because they're old it when you're least expecting boom you're getting robbed by an old geezer.

You survived an old lady mugging? That's a story to make sure you tell your kids and grandchildren one day.

Well, there was an 1000 ways to die episode where an old lady punched a robber in the neck and killed him- I never underestimated them after that

nothing92x 13

OP, were you mugged by Betty White?

She must really be getting desperate to gather donations for peta then.