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Nooooope not okay!

Red flags ! This is just creepy...


This is what happens when we stop burning which’s. No offence

Nooooope not okay!

That sucks...literally. Why are you taking a baby to a wedding? They can't catch the bouquet and no one wants them to anyways.

She didn’t take him the mother in law was babysitting him did you not ready what she even said?

Is she from a different culture? One where this is normal behavior?

not to sound like a dummy, but can moms turn that ability on and off?

Yes, women have a switch to turn breastfeeding on and off. Just like how we have a switch to turn our periods off.

Repeated stimulation of the nipples can increase prolactin. This, in turn over time, can lead to milk production. This is how wet nurses kept producing milk.

Red flags ! This is just creepy...

Uhhh ass beating time

Matthew Irmen 11

Sounds like mom should have left a pacifier.

Many babies don’t like or use them

he's only 8 months old. no harm done. a big surprise, I'm sure, but no harm.done.

honestly if my baby was completely freaking out and that was the only thing my mil could do to calm them there before I was able to get back then I would be fine with it, I mean maybe text me and ASK first lol tho in reality i know my mil would never try to nurse my baby lol. one of my friends who was nursing her kids actually nursed my 3 month old daughter while I was at my dads wedding because we already knew she wouldn't take a bottle.