By Anonymous - 18/9/2020 14:02 - Hungary - Sopron


Today, it was my brother's wedding so my mother-in-law was taking care of my 8-month-old son. When I came back to our room to check how things were going, I saw her "breastfeeding" my child. She said it was the only way to calm him down because he didn't have a pacifier. FML
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  fjvitt  |  14

Repeated stimulation of the nipples can increase prolactin. This, in turn over time, can lead to milk production. This is how wet nurses kept producing milk.

By  Matthew Irmen  |  11

Sounds like mom should have left a pacifier.

By  xxlk4xx  |  4

honestly if my baby was completely freaking out and that was the only thing my mil could do to calm them there before I was able to get back then I would be fine with it, I mean maybe text me and ASK first lol tho in reality i know my mil would never try to nurse my baby lol. one of my friends who was nursing her kids actually nursed my 3 month old daughter while I was at my dads wedding because we already knew she wouldn't take a bottle.