By dumbmotherinlaw - 06/07/2016 17:29 - United States - San Diego

Today, I was crossing back over the Mexico-US border. My mother-in-law got out of the car to go to the bathroom, since traffic was horrible. Two hours of worrying sick later, turns out she crossed the border without telling me. FML
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MetalxSoldier 26

I guess your mother crossed the border and crossed the line.

princessbloky 12

Drive off without her


princessbloky 12

Drive off without her

Well she already left him so no way he can leave her.

mariri9206 32

That's kind of a jerk move. At least, the walk will give her some perspective, right? XD

MetalxSoldier 26

I guess your mother crossed the border and crossed the line.


Got off the car? Was she riding on top?

At least this fml isn't about her being detained. Its funny given the reputation moms have for all but low jacking their kids.

hoosiergirl94 31

Kind of sad how easy it is to get over a national border

why should that be sad??

Typically, there's supposed to be some sort of border control/authority at crossings. But the OP's mom could have had their passport and simply walked across which is pretty common for American citizens. Heck even my grandma has made a trip to Mexico that way. (Not sure if it's as easy for a Mexican citizen$

All you need is a passport book or card for Americans. They even have one that is specifically just for crossing the Mexican and Canadian borders. So long as that's all in order, I don't get the problem.

Yeah, whenever I cross the border they just look at my passport and wave me through. She probably just showed them her passport and they let her through.

i dont understand why that would be sad

Yea, all you need is a birth certificate and I.D.

Legally or no

CliffyB03 28

She got off the car? Why was she riding on it in the first place?

#14: I think they meant, as a joke, on TOP of the car.

this is why we need a wall

So citizens can't come back home once they leave?

And the border checkpoints all have walls, or at least chain link fences. They suck and my fat ass can climb over them in less than a minute, but they're there.