By bellerz14 - 23/12/2011 02:58 - United States

Today, I saw my dad sitting in the car alone, blaring classical music, blowing up beach balls. FML
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Well that blows. Actually, no it doesn't. Let your dad do what he wants.

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Well that blows. Actually, no it doesn't. Let your dad do what he wants.

All men handle their mid life crisis' differently! :)

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Maybe he just wants to think... Never mind what about.

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Sounds like my kind of weekend.

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He's probably just preparing for a Classical Music Beach-Ball Festival for summer... QUIT STARING AND START BLOWIN' UP THEM BEACH BALLS.

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In my town that what we call a good opportunity for family bonding time. Get some Chapstick and get ready for some good old fashion blowing!

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By classical music he means Jimi Hendrix and by blowing up beach balls he means tripping balls off acid

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Drew! Do you go to USC?! That would be pretty epic because I do :)

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Dude, let the man enjoy his high and pretend you didn't see anything because in. 30 years you'll be doing the same thing

I'm sorry OP, I hate it when that happens :'(


Dont be such a beach to OP's dad! As you can sea he's a cool guy! Water you guys thinking??

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54 - your comment could be soooo taken the wrong way. Dunno if that was your intention, but SNAP!!

That's weird, I spend mine blowi--....nevermind

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I wonder what devious, clever plan he had...

He blows on the windows he licked! Obviously, you need to pull your head out of the gutter

Me too, i lie on my bach listening to classical music

Yeah, for the dad. Not entirely getting what OP is FML'ing about

Yeah he went from sunglasses and Skrillex. To beach balls and classical music. If these OP's dad aren't the same people they should hangout.

If dad was sitting in a used Ford Taurus... then yeah, this was definitely a mid-life crisis.

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I think he's cool too!! Why must this be an fml!!!! Least he wasn't blowing up sex dolls?

The simplest of comments really make my day. :D

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Why does that suck? At least he was only blowing beach balls...

Well... at least you spelled the easy one right.

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I'm about to blow the Grammar Nazi whistle and call in the troops, because that was terrible.

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Grammar and Vocabulary trolls.(:

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#36 ur a dumbfuck! And a grammar nazi!

#36,* you're* dumb* ***** Hmm, seems a little ironic to me.

So let me get this straight. The FML community cares more about proper grammar and spelling and also the timing of a comment then the actual comment? Sucks for drunk people!

So? Was he naked or something? I don't get it. *waits to get thumbed down*