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By katharine - 15/03/2010 20:12 - United States

Today, I was daydreaming in bed when my phone rang from across the room. I scrambled out of my covers, tripped over a pair of boots I had by the bed, and slipped on some jeans laying on the floor. Luckily, I answered my phone in time, but only to have my mom tell me to clean my room before she got home. FML
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*mocks idiots* I WAZ FIRST AND U WAZNT!!1!1!!!1!! HAHAAHAH!!1!1!!!1!

I don't judge that's what my room looks like

haha that's wat my room looks like too

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You buried my first comment. Bitches. :D

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Where did my comment go, anyway? Did it disappear into cyberspace?

don't worry Gigi you've made up for it times 2

YDI for having a dirty ass room. clean up your pig's sty.

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wuts the big ******* deal? wut is so FML about a dirty ******* room and being told to clean it? wut r u a ******* 5 year old?

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I hate when pol burie ur comments

72- the fact is, it's the irony, I thought it was worth reading, I really don't care of the fml is truly an FML!!! as long as it entertains me, way to be pessimistic

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I hate it wen ppl typ lyk dis.

Does anyone know what 74 was trying to say?

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this fml is too long. they dont even need to put the sex of the op on fmls anymore. all the emo fmls and long moodyand dramatic replies are by women or girly men, its obvious.

ydi for rushin..it's not the end of the world if u don't answer cause u can just call back!!

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lol all that for answering a phone call from ur mom? that's funny

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ur life is definatley ruined I can't imagine being u

107- I see the sex of the OP just fine... shows that pink angled down arrow representing female, If anything your pic is emish, I find these fml's quite humerous

I don't understand, why people don't pick up after thier self. it really is not that hard. you make mess, pick up when your done. it takes about 30 seconds to clean up after your self, if you pick up when your done. YDI for being a slob.

sounds like op is a big whine ass, get over it

are you sure ur not just a highly trained monkey. and if ur relaxing just ignore the Dam call. or a least b pruden enough to put the phone on silent

Sorry you dislike women so much. You obviously have not had the good fortune of meeting any. Good luck with ever attracting one with any sort of self-respect or intelligence. Then again, you probably couldn't handle that. You should probably stick to other men or women that require a bicycle pump!

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hey 75 get a life and a new favorite band

Way to call yourself an idiot... Oh well. Self-deprecating humor is the best kind.

Ahem. FML seems to dislike me, so I'll repost my comment. Way to call yourself an idiot... Oh well. Self-deprecating humor is the best kind.

That reminds me of a time I was working at a farm, and my job was to feed the pigs. After I poured the slop into the trough, a completely nude homeless man jumped out the slime, grabbed a pig and farted a sparkly blue flame that launched him into the air, disappearing in the clouds. When I told my boss, he muttered, "My whole life I've been waiting for this...." and looked up at the sky reverently.

^^^^ you are so funny like I swear to god I'm crying xD

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@afatmonkey. dude that is hilarious haha what farm was it I wanna go see that

I cannot tell, for then I would face- THE GLOVE! (mysterious music plays in backround)

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how is this an fml? like seriously you fell out of bed. big ******* deal. stop bitching.

Yeah, watch out for those slippery jeans.

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i love you paigeatsflesh... and you too afatmonkey.. I once farted blue stuff!

Um.. yeah your life totally sucks now.

fml sucks lately. texts from last night is still strong though

I know... ohh you tripped over a boot and banged your wittle knee. you want kisses now? get over it.

and why were they "day dreaming" with no pants on, and on top of that why would they rush to pick up the phone yet stop to slip on jeans? o_O

There is nothing to indicate that the OP wasn't wearing pants; the OP slipped on jeans like most people slip on banana peels. rhanna, if you were just being cute with your comment, I'm sorry for elaborating.

I'm also sorry for the user name typo. That sneaky middle "a" got away from me.

unpossible: I think rhanana interpreted the FML as the OP putting on a pair of jeans (slipping on jeans). That's what I thought at first but realised that he meant that a pair of jeans on the floor made him slip.

No kidding? That's what I figured too. Then I thought maybe rhanana is capable of understanding double entendre and was just cracking a cute "no pants" joke. Wow, I used cracking and "no pants" in the same sentence; good job, me!

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wuts the big ******* deal? wut is so FML about a dirty room and being told to clean it? wut r u a ******* 5 year old?

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it's stupid rly idk why u replyed to me when u werent even talkin to me


dun u jus h8 it wen peeps tlk lyk dis

lol I can't believe how stupid some people are

well um yeah just clean it up... my room is always clean cause I can't stand when it's dirty.

just ******* clean ur room. ******* cleaning lady :)

The irony here being, of course, that it's "language."

It's alright. The purpose of that wasn't to make fun of you (I apologise if this was how it was perceived), but just to point out something I thought was funny. Stay classy!

Uh... that's my normal wake-up routine. I wouldn't be able to function without tripping over yesterday's dirty laundry and stubbing my toe on my Docs every day. It's better than coffee ;D