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Today, while video chatting with my girlfriend, who lives on the other side of the country, I thought I'd play a song for her on my guitar. The string broke and hit me in the face. I burst into tears and had to hang up. FML
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Sounds like a Taylor Swift song. Teardrops on your guitar? Right?...

That's happened to me before. Nothing to be ashamed of, it hurts like shit :)


That's happened to me before. Nothing to be ashamed of, it hurts like shit :)

I've had a couple of close calls, but never hit in the face or eyes, thankfully. I'm always shit scared that that is going to happen, though, and I piss myself every time a string brakes. That sucks for you guys.

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17- It scares me when strings brake, too. Darn things, I'm always afraid I'll crash into them.

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It must've struck a chord with OP.

Stick to drums they can never hurt you...unless you have bad control with the drumsticks and hit yourself.

It's not as bad though, as a guy I once met who had impaled his hand on the tremolo bar of his guitar by doing a windmill strumming technique... Messy.

I once watched a guitar player try a windmill but it hit the singer in the head. Show still went on.

Yea that's when you spin it over your head and round your back, but I mean he strummed while spinning his arm in circles and he impaled his hand on the tremolo that was jutting out! :/

1, I guy in my music class a few years ago broke the top bass string, it gave him a pretty bad cut and bruises like someone hit him with a frying pan. I've been hit with guitar strings a few times and its just a mini whip that stings for a second haha

37, try classical gas. When you can play it without your fingers hurting, you got calluses. I still find it hard to play the entire song without twitching haha.

51, I'm learning Classical Gas still, that shit is hard, but it's getting to be more than 3/4 getting though it haha. If you don't know but most likely do, try ultimate guitar's site. It's really good.

As someone who's played guitar since he was ten, I feel your pain OP. Although it must have been an extreme stroke of misfortune to have hit your face; mine usually hit my arms. Usually I stab myself with the strings, more than anything else >.>

When did guitars become so dangerous? Playing an instrument must be an extreme sport or something!

29, ouch that must have hurt :/ the string the breaks the most on mine is the 1E string, scares the crap outa me when it happens, only once has it hit me in the arm. Not to mention hearing all the strings twang when you first string them.

Sounds like a Taylor Swift song. Teardrops on your guitar? Right?...

You should be ashamed to know any of her songs.

You should be ashamed for jacking up what was becoming a great thread.

It's called popular music for a reason, 55.

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Guitar-whipped beats pussy-whipped! Another unwanted fact we've learned from LDR's.

There's also probably a joke about fingering A minor, and G-strings breaking here somewhere, and some guitar theory stuff.

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He shouldn't fret about it. . .

Are you sure this "girlfriend" actually exists? I hear that fake Internet girlfriends are rampant these days.

If that's true my boyfriend who lives 13 hours away is in for a surprise. D:

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#4, I know! I was just laughing about this with my 18-year-old girlfriend who's a neurosurgeon with double-D's and practices on a CIA base in Idaho. She makes good money, but always hit me up for loans which she'll repay when we get married. She's never see a picture of me, she just knows she loves me. Yeah, we were giggling at Manti the other day. Good times!

Perdix, I was beginning to think no one would understand the reference!

If anyone doesn't understand that reference, lord help us...

I wish you could my girlfriend. my girlfriend who lives in Canada!

Did I miss something? I don't get it...

Oh, was I guess it was hot in the news in America then. American Football has a lot less coverage in France! Thanks for the heads-up in Manti.

It was news not just in America, but everywhere, even here! Get your head out of your books once in a while, Pleo. :)

Oh, I finished my exams last week! But my order for Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur V just came so I've had my head elsewhere I guess!

All those Christians freaking out about his girlfriend not being real, imagine the shitstorm when they finally find out about Jesus

68... It wasn't just... Christians freaking out. It's also the sports community since he was nominated for the Heisman trophy for the game in which his "girlfriend" and grandmother died. Stop being an atheist prick and don't bring religion into a post where it was not mentioned.

With all the Christians freaking out about Teo's girlfriend not being real, imagine the shitstorm when they find out about Jesus.

Oh c'mon guys, I really feel for this dude. I mean just the other day I was talking with my girlfriend Siri about it...

Well apparently if he eas 'Video Chating'.

Don't worry OP Im sure she thought your effort was still sweet. :) there will be times where you embarrass yourself. Don't sweat it. Just laugh it off.

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So all went according to plan?

This unfortunate thing that happened to you made me happy. Thanks!

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If I were your girlfriend, once you got off video chat I would've probably burst out laughing then call you on the phone and try to console you. That is just too funny! Haha, sorry OP.

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You should have used the pain to put some feeling into what was going to be a pretty vapid performance.