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Today, I've been working abroad. The holiday request I put in two months ago and that was verbally approved came back denied today as they can't find cover. I have already booked my flights, can't cancel them, and I get to spend Christmas alone. FML
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OP here! So, details. First of all, yes, of course I know that a verbal confirmation isn't binding. We have an online system where you have to 'book' it and then your scheduler will approve it when they find cover (someone has to physically be in the office always). I had spoken to my scheduler almost 2 months ago how if I did this and swapped that etc., I could fly home slightly earlier which would save me literally hundreds of pounds in tickets. I put the request in about a month ago (so giving an additional month of notice). Never in my time here have any of my requests been denied, I gave lots of notice and we'd had a discussion about why this is a slightly special occasion, and I've helped them out loads with last minute covers etc., so I had no reason to think she wouldn't eventually cover it. She has managed to cover 2/3 days and this one is right in the middle. The reason there is no cover is because they haven't managed to fill the whole team in a YEAR which means that my side of the shift is always covered with freelancers, so these shifts were covered first. There are also some people who freelance in multiple departments in the same company and because my scheduler left it too late, they're already snatched up by those teams. So, basically, if they'd covered the vacant shifts sooner, this situation wouldn't have happened.

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As much as that sucks, you should never take a verbal anything. Not in a business situation. Manager's responsibility is to ensure business coverage and verbal is not official or binding.


i guess a means word is just shit nowadays. but true, requested off for vacation. he approved, a month later he wanted me to reschedule for later in the year. i said nope, already bought tickets and told friends/family and if you have a problem we can go have a chat with hr and the gm. he promptly dismissed the non issue.

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As much as that sucks, you should never take a verbal anything. Not in a business situation. Manager's responsibility is to ensure business coverage and verbal is not official or binding.

In my Country you could try to force your way out because verbally is equally to written confirmation, but I can't recommend it, because you probably destroy you relations with your boss.

#8 The problem is that there is no way to prove that what you claimed actually happened. If you can force anything you could just claim that you had a verbal promise that your boss would quit and give you their position, which would be ridiculous.

Or you could spend Christmas with family and look for a new job in the New Year. Learn the Johnny Paycheck song, "Take This Job and Shove It." Your ******** boss deserves to hear your cover of it.

It'd be nice if things were that easy, wouldn't it?

Don't be bummed out. Even Santa has to work on Christmas.

If there's one thing holiday movies from almost three decades ago have taught us, it's that being alone on Christmas is basically your opportunity to boobytrap everything! So go crazy with the trick doorknobs, the icy walkways, and—wait, wasn't one of Kevin's traps just a nail sticking straight up from the floor? What a sadistic little ****!

I would be going anyway but that is just me. Sorry =(

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Nope I'd be outta there I don't live my life around my job

I was gonna say pretty much the same thing as #3 - it sucks but you should have gotten it in writing before you booked your flights etc. My job has had a notice up the last week and a half stating my manager cant guarantee anyones holidays over Christmas. Ive worked the last few Christmas' anyway cause Christmas doesnt mean anything to me and my family is weird but I know others arent like that - Ive volunteered to work Christmas so the odd people I used to work with that did celebrate Christmas could spend time with their family. I hope to work it this year. Try to find another job next year thatll give you time off if it bothers you, and I hope youll learn never take verbal approval in the future - always in writing

There are a lot of illnesses going around this time of year especially over Christmas.