By chaoticnh - 24/06/2011 09:57 - Austria

Today, I found out how it feels to have my groin catch fire due to a magic trick going wrong. FML
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For my next amazing trick, I'll make my pubes disappear! *POOF* Ta da!! *applause*


swimchica22 0

Wow that was a clever comment.

what kind of magic trick requires getting fire anywhere near your groin area?

why does this remind me of Paris hilton...

adropofpeace 8

"Here's a new trick children, I can make my privates disappear!"

VinegarStrokes 0

Yeah, I caught the clap from Rachel too OP.

iEatGuppies 0
gabe2014 0

how did ur genitals catch fire? it was MAGIC! lol

gabstahhh 8

Since you do magic tricks, I doubt you will ever really need what caught on fire...

chlorinegreen 27

I really hope it wasn't your own magic trick. if so you may need to practice a little more and hire an assistant with a fire extinguisher ready and on the go.

daysgoby902 6

Rhys what you get for doing a magic trick

taticalnNinja 5
VinegarStrokes 0

Oh my god! You're so hot!!! I want to have your babies!!! By the way, I'M A GUY!!!!

asoptavlo14 6

You're right, that assistant knew what was up before he even started.

42 - I know. I imagined the guy saying "Burn, baby, burn", but in a higher pitch every time he re-posted. Then, at the last one, he exploded.

OceanBreathesSal 5

haha I read your comment in the voice of Michael Kelso(:

44 he didn't repost. Notice they all have the same # 40. It's an internal error that just happens every once in a while.

Anyone else notice the pics of 2, 3 and 40 are so similar? :O

drewpeacock42 1

44, I was reading your comment. right as I got to the part about the guy exploding, my FML app crashed...

aaaahhDamn 0

did your audience clap for you?

sassypants93 17

His audience may have given the clap to him...

comepoopwithme 0

have your girl assistant lick it

^ yes dumbass make someone lick sir need to learn how to read

alsnyder12 0

were you trying to make it disappear?

At least it added some realism into your trick.

Use this as a warning to all aspiring magicians, allways keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

Just keep at it I'm sure you'll build an immunity to it.

EmilyFelton98 0

Fire ! Oh Poor You For Sure ! :0

sassypants93 17

What kind of 'magic trick' were you doing where you got an STD?

he was obviously making his penis disappear into a girls ******

I think fire is a pretty cool guy. Eh, burns stuff and doesn't afraid of anything.

iwishicould 7