By chaoticnh - 24/06/2011 09:57 - Austria

Today, I found out how it feels to have my groin catch fire due to a magic trick going wrong. FML
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For my next amazing trick, I'll make my pubes disappear! *POOF* Ta da!! *applause*


Wow that was a clever comment.

what kind of magic trick requires getting fire anywhere near your groin area?

why does this remind me of Paris hilton...

haha no more kids...

Is this Barney Stinson?

"Here's a new trick children, I can make my privates disappear!"

Yeah, I caught the clap from Rachel too OP.

herpes disappear-as!

how did ur genitals catch fire? it was MAGIC! lol

Since you do magic tricks, I doubt you will ever really need what caught on fire...

I really hope it wasn't your own magic trick. if so you may need to practice a little more and hire an assistant with a fire extinguisher ready and on the go.

Rhys what you get for doing a magic trick

Oh my god! You're so hot!!! I want to have your babies!!! By the way, I'M A GUY!!!!

You're right, that assistant knew what was up before he even started.

42 - I know. I imagined the guy saying "Burn, baby, burn", but in a higher pitch every time he re-posted. Then, at the last one, he exploded.

haha I read your comment in the voice of Michael Kelso(:

44 he didn't repost. Notice they all have the same # 40. It's an internal error that just happens every once in a while.

Anyone else notice the pics of 2, 3 and 40 are so similar? :O

44, I was reading your comment. right as I got to the part about the guy exploding, my FML app crashed...

did your audience clap for you?

His audience may have given the clap to him...

have your girl assistant lick it

^ yes dumbass make someone lick sir need to learn how to read

get that burn in your mouth

get that burn in your mouth

were you trying to make it disappear?

At least it added some realism into your trick.

Use this as a warning to all aspiring magicians, allways keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

or your nuts further away

Just keep at it I'm sure you'll build an immunity to it.

Fire ! Oh Poor You For Sure ! :0

What kind of 'magic trick' were you doing where you got an STD?

he was obviously making his penis disappear into a girls vagina

I think fire is a pretty cool guy. Eh, burns stuff and doesn't afraid of anything.

except being put out. =P

And what did you learn?

Not to put fire by his crotch.

It's a bad idea to use kerosene as a lubricant.