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Today, I was kicked in the crotch. The girl who did it thought I was her ex-boyfriend. I'm a girl. FML
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twinny_sc 13

Vagina kick!


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HowAreYouToday 34

So. Pixie cuts... *someone make a pun now!!! Lol

PopRocks14 0

I think Emma Watson looks pretty with one even tho I prefer her long hair.

Except on Emma Watson

LaydiexSkull 3

Tinkerbell is pretty hot, in my opinion

HowAreYouToday 34

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ikickgingers 15

*claps* I believe!!!!!!!!

Emma Watson looks an awful lot like Justin Bieber with that haircut...

JayBear14 11

Well somebody told me that you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend i had in february of last yearr

HowAreYouToday 34

Omg, I love that song... XD

In my opinion, Watson ruined herself with that cut, she was soooo much better with long hair

agreed so unsexy I like women who have longer hair then me

LiveLaughFML 10

not only were you mistakenly hit in the crotch, but you were also confused for a dude. FYL. =(


Spartin kick?

umm it's her hair, not yours. she can do whatever the hell she wants with it

Um and people can also have opinions..

Dude it's chill now you can sue her and upgrade your look :-)

No! Your opinion on beauty, a COMPLETELY subjective thing is wrong and mine is right...herpaderp

RedSharpieInk 5

Funny how OP never mentioned she has a pixie

Emma Watson IS pretty attractive. I'd do her.

Well, at least it doesn't hurt as much as a male. Yes, I understand it's not the best feeling in the world, but believe me: the fact that it hurts like getting kicked in the shin is far preferable to the equivalence of being hit in your ovaries.

Emma Watson is hot with long hair or short hair. I think she looks pretty with her long hair, but she's sexier with short. I have my hair super short and I love it. It's liberating and people who think that girls can't look good with short hair are generalizing and dumb.

slushpup9696 12

Emma Watson... yeah... I'd date her all night long. Wait. I mean... sex... yeah. Something sex.

Woah, people. Emma Watson is fucking glorious.

Did it hurt? I doubt as much as getting one in the nuts..

are you blind?

156 - your profile says youre a Mr. How the hell would you know what it feels like getting kicked in the ovaries?

Pixie cuts are NOT hot on most women, Emma Watson included. I'm not saying women can only be attractive with long hair, but hair that short is ridiculous and Emma looks like a 10 year old Justin Beiber. At least he gets enough to eat...

I have a pixie cut!

twinny_sc 13

Vagina kick!

dickydickman 0

Clit hit!

Morning after punch FTW!

Am I going to have to be the guy who says "Abortion"?


wham bam right in the clam!

Hopscotch all over that crotch! Sock-O right in the taco!

JayBear14 11

MVP: major vagina pat

Clam slam.

That sucks!!


i know this will get negative votes but can someone tell me what "OP" means?

Original Poster

CabooseWins 0

Obsessive Potato.


thank you :)

I alwas thought Obnoxious Pedophile sounded better...

jvillan87 5

Ostentatious paraplegic.

Organic Platypus

Falcon punch her back!

MichellinMan 20



brii_love007 0

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That's the most retarded thing I have ever heard.

RebekahBrooke 9

8, I have to agree.

I disagree. I thought the comment was rather intelligent. Well thought out and perfectly delivered.

lmfao_shame 9

^ Tha truth be told .period.

borkchop1992 15

That's what I call an upper cunt

erpaderp 17

No no, "cunt punt".

I thought you were someone I knew. But then I realized all water polos look the same in blurry pics

Dude that sucks. Dude.

Dude just thank god your a girl. Dude .

Dude where are your pubes? Dude

btnhdude 0

Dude you're 15 and packing that much meat? I smell steroid sweat.

Who said anything about being 15 in this? I'm confused.

71- dude we have twice as many nerves so it still hurts like hell. dude

hairguitarhero 5

Dude. Dude.

TheRealHouse 7

Dude where's my car?

Dude you aren't a guy, that's not right. Dude.

Matias_Says_FML 4

At least the foot didn't get stuck.

That happened to me once.

At least you didn't actually have nuts to get kicked!

erpaderp 17

Actually, the clit on a girl is comparable to balls on a guy: it's the most sensitive part of a girls' body. I'm gonna guess that the OP was rolling on the ground after she was kicked. Hell, I know I would.

perdix 29

Anatomically, the clitoris corresponds to the penis, and the labia majora correspond to the testicles.

MizzErikaHart 8

Boys have a penis, girls have vaginas...

perdix 29

Actually, we all start out as neither male nor female and as we develop, the genitals either turn into cock and balls or clits and lips. Sometimes you get screw-ups like that runner from South Africa -- she has a cunt and internal testicles! My original reply was supposed to be in response to #16.

The clit is comparable to the head of the penis actually. Yes it would hurt, just more if you were a dude. Girls also have a higher pain tolerance even if it doesn't seem that way.

erpaderp 17

Dude, I wrestle with guy friends and used to play soccer. I've had my fair share of cunt punts. They hurt like a fuckin' bitch, so if you don't have a clit, don't even think about saying it doesn't hurt as much :D I'm not afraid to say I've rolled on the ground.

If you had bothered to check you would know that I am a GIRL and do, in fact, have a clit. Yes it hurts getting kicked in the crotch no matter what gender you are. But chicks give birth, I am pretty sure they can handle it. The clit senses pleasure more than it does pain, and more than the nuts do. Getting kicked in the balls hurts more.

Just sayin, the clit actually isn't the most sensitive part of a girls/woman's body. The lips on male or female are the most sensitive. Then genitals, etc.

yadisingh 5

Both hurt like bitches when kicked. Agreed?

Are you fucking kidding me? You could have fact checked that on google you blithering idiot. Why are all these 15-year-olds arguing these things?

The genitals on males and females are both very sensitive in terms of nerve endings. However, the shape of the female parts means that the most sensitive parts are unlikely to take a direct hit, unlike in males.

doctor_awesome 8

68- You keep saying you're a girl, yet you also say getting kicked in the balls hurts more. HOW WOULD YOU KNOW. I'm not sure if you know this, but girls don't have balls. If you do, that means you're a man. In which case your argument is still invalid because you wouldn't know what it would be like to be kicked in the vag. Unless you have both, you don't know which one hurts more. So stfu. Kcoolthx.

Just because something doesn't happen to you doesn't mean you know nothing about it. That's like saying you know breaking a bone doesn't hurt because you've never done it.

doctor_awesome 8

Yeah, but your saying breaking you're bones hurts more than someone else breaking theirs. You know what YOUR bones feel like. Not THEIRS.

So you're saying they're both equal in pain terms? Well it does depend on the person, if only by a little. I don't think I want to argue with someone who claims they're a grammar Nazi and immediately mixes up "you're" and "your".

doctor_awesome 8

I'm saying you don't know what the other person is feeling so saying one hurts more than the other is just ignorant. And I never said I was a grammar nazi? If you're referring to my picture I just thought it was funny and if you're referring to my about me I said I hate should "of" and what not. Never once claimed to care about the various "your"s and "you're"s.

You care about some grammar but not all of it?!

hubla 0

O some cunt just got burned

doctor_awesome 8

-_- ; You know I'm right and basically admitted by not saying anything about the beginning (and in my opinion more important) part of my comment. I didn't comment to talk about the likes and dislikes of grammar, I commented because I disagree with your statements. You can't know what hurts more because you have not experienced it in a males perspective. End of story. I'm done talking to you.

Oh yes make sure to get in the last word. So I'll ask nobody: Which one hurts more? We shall never know.

Just give up, getting kicked in the balls causes more physical damage than getting kicked in the whisker biscuit. Only tangible proof of which is worse.

girls have twice as many nerves down there as guys.

ikickgingers 15

Man in the canoe.

Wow, JR, stop being a nitpicking bitch. . .I side with the "Grammar Nazi". But, yes, a cunt punt seriously hurts. I don't think it's so much the clitoris that makes it hurt as it is the pelvic bone itself. To me having that much pressure hit your bone is what makes it hurt so bad.

ifailplzinsultme 0

Trust me a slap on the balls doesn't feel great either. I've been told that a well aimed kicked to the clit is more painful than one to the balls but it's highly unlikely that you can land it just right.

mgsoloist 14

110-that's true but I'm not positive so don't get at my throat about this, but it's not the actual nerve endings that hurt when a guy gets kicked in the balls. The pain shoots into the lower abdomen (kind of like super intense cramp feeling I've heard), whereas getting kicked in the vag, it's purely a superficial pain...

erpaderp 17

Dude, don't have a snatch fit, alright? :) I didn't check that you were a girl, sorry. But I am a holder of trivial facts.

Camel Breaker!!!!!