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By DeadScared - 19/09/2011 00:23 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend kindly informed me that if I ever got bitten during a zombie apocalypse, he'd love me enough to beat me to death with a tire iron. He said this because he's been having vivid dreams about it happening. I honestly don't know whether he's joking or not. FML
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There's no joke about a zombie apocalypse.


Uh, you should get away from him because if his dreams get too're screwed.

I honestly don't know whether if you really are a Troll or a complete moron, #36. So if he's a Keeper, you would most likely side with him so he can beat the living shit out of her if a zombie apocalypse were to happen. So, judging by your Profile, you're a Girl and you would support domestic violence toward a woman should an apocalypse happen. So instead of Helping out OP's dreadful situation and siding with her Boyfriend, you have the audacity to say "Now that's a keeper."? Try again, you insecure moron.

madskittlesftw 5

52- you're a moron. You rage over nothing, and did you seriously take the time to type all that out? Do you know how many people say "he's a keeper" on a FML like this?

Um 52, I was kidding. Did you forget to take your meds again sweetheart?

superstar429 7

your a little weird and no one thinks your sarcastic your just stupid

Hayman68 4

52 - ever heard of a little thing called sarcasm?

hamncheeseinit 6

WoW ur soooooooo dumb #52!! People can say watever they want it's called the freedom of speech

she's just jealous because margie is hot and she's ugly as fuuck

ikickgingers 15

Apparently I should be living in bc and not new york.

Never mind 55. Sorry. >>; Apparently I wasn't in on the joke due to the fact of me getting me thumbed down was a sign of lacking sense of humor. D: IDI

Gloritank 8

I'd beat my own children to death if they were zombies.

Me and my ex had the same conversation and we pretty much agreed to keeping each other as pets in a bulletproof glass case should the occasion arise :D

FreakingFYou 13

If I were him I would wait till you became a zombie and release you into the wild.

I would put a muzzle on her and keep her with me. Love would persist through the apocalypse! ...Or until she tears my throat out. Anybody got a full body kevlar suit?

jallred254 4

If I were HER I'd say "there's no way you're double tappin' this anytime soon"

phoenixslayer69 4

No kevlar suit but shark mesh is so much more effective.

I downloaded the zombie booth app the other day and it's slightly disturbing to be honest. It made me reconsider how awful a zombie apocalypse would be. I'd much rather face the wrath of Global Warming.

"A wild snorlax has appeared." "Holy shit that's a zombie!" lol

That's how I'd want to go out lol jk wow, just wow

superstar429 7

wow you should tell him something similar and say you weren't joking let see how he would feel hahaha

jallred254 4

Yeah like if he turned into a dancing zombie! Right? Or! Or! A clown! #ilovesarcasm

superstar429 7

your mean no more dislikes please thanks

you're seriously asking people not to dislike you?

and you misused the word you're!? Attack trolls!

There's no joke about a zombie apocalypse.

very true. it's coming, and I'll be ready...I guess he will be too lol

Gloritank 8

Fill the bathtub with water. Destroy the stairs.

Stuff that, put a whole lot of tredmills around the house and turn them on and watch the zombies go flying

tylersign 11

I was GONNA say that that's actually a good plan.. But then I remembered. Tire Iron? I'd think a simple hand gun would do the trick..

Too much noise. Don't want to attract the zombies!

Just tell him you'd gladly return the favor!

giggleprincess 0

But beating a zombie is more personal than shooting one....

Wait if he loves his girl friend y would he beat her too death

agoth 0

your boyfriends quite an oddball