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Today, I was laughing at a girl who really sucks at badminton. Turns out she has anger issues, and a really good aim when she's mad. I've never been hit so hard in the crotch before. FML
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how could you possibly upload this thinking people will feel bad for you?


how could you possibly upload this thinking people will feel bad for you?

We all just wish she hit him hard enough so he can't reproduce and we don't have to worry about his offspring taking after him.

Truthfully I don't think a badminton birdie can sack someone hard enough to the extent that they even feel pain

Honestly, just because he said he was laughing doesn't mean he was being mean. I'm not trying to say he didn't deserve it, I'm just say if anyone ever says they've never laughed at anyone before they're lying. Especially whoever said "so he can't reproduce" if we went by that standard no one would be able to have kids.

But I agree with #1 he doesn't deserve sympathy, just not condesention.

I don't mean this against any guys on here, but a lot of guys that I know personally think that everyone should feel bad for them if they were hit in the balls. Even if they deserved it.

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Meh for all we know, this could be the girl pretending to be the poor fellow who she hurt

Or it could just be that OP wanted to post it for the hell of it, not for sympathy.

#79 I've been hit in the balls before and never looked for sympathy but I've also had dumb luck where a football decided my crotch had a bullseye on it and received sympathy.

Yeah, people don't always just write an FML because they need comfort or sympathy, a lot of the time they just want to share a story in their life that really sucked for them.

Noone ever deserves to be hit on the balls.

Not everyone on FML wants sympathy. Quite a few people upload things they know were bad decisions just to entertain us all. I'm not blaming you; I've found myself wondering the same thing, but I get it now.

Ummmm... Everyone should... You girls will never be able to feel the tremendous amount of pain that occurs when something hits your balls. Even if its a light tap, you have to double over and walk funny for at least half an hour. Not exaggerating.

Guy trying to rape you. Swift kick to the balls and you're home free.

She didn't smack him, she whacked the badminton shuttle **** at him... there's a BIG difference.

How could you possibly not feel sorry for a guy who was kicked in the nuts for merely laughing at how poorly someone plays cards? PS. Imagine the genders were reversed... "Haha jim, you suck at cards" *jim kicks jill in her croch... In that scenario jim would be immediately attacked by nearby men, then beaten up by the cops, then arrested, then convicted and sentenced to prison time for aggravated assault.

Always wear a cup.. A lil birdie gave me that advice years ago..

This birdie said "**** you, and your crotch," I'm sure.

2 & 9, your pictures are so cute I wanna puke and shit rainbows.

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The etymology of shuttlecock.

OP learned that she did not actually suck that bad at badminton.

Maybe next time you won't make fun of someone for not being a "superstar" like yourself

Everyone has to be good at everything or they suck. Fact.

Well, now some random guy has said that on the internet, therefore it must be true! Thanks!

Is it just my iPod, or are all of eer's comments appearing twice?

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It's happening on my phone too. Eer must be special.

Happens on my iPod, but not iPad. Really weird.

Happens on my droid... Hmm I wonder what version/app he's on..

I have two FML apps on my iPhone (until I decide which I like better), and it doubles on the older app, but not the new one.

Hey 55, I was just making a joke. Sorry if it sounded like a mean reply or anything.

They can't put anything on the Internet that isn't true. Where'd you hear that? The Internet.

Yeah she's a psycho, but you're still an asshole for laughing at her.

But don't we come on this site to laugh at others? I'm not saying that what he did to this girl was acceptable, I'm just saying we have at some point laughed at another's misfortune. But don't listen to me I'm just playing the Devil's Advocate.

Last time I laughed at someone on here, someone else thought I was laughing at her and got payback..

18 - Nobody on this site would dare laugh "at" an OP, we all laugh "with" them.

Atleast it wasn't a tennis ball. Man up.

Badminton shuttlecocks can travel at hundreds of kilometers per hour if hit by a good player. I don't know about you, but I'd say that would hurt :P

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#5, yeah, I once got a tennis ball to the nuts -- I nearly puked. Oddly enough, it didn't happen while I was playing.

I got a soccer ball to the nuts from 2 ft away and I did puke

I've been hit in the nuts by a soccer ball hard enough that it caused me to land on my back about 5-7 feet away.. Almost blacked out...

my friend punched me square in the balls once and i puked then pissed blood afterward... had to spend a couple days in the hospital and get minor surgery

To summarize what we've learned from this is soccer balls are the most dangerous of all balls 2nd most being human for they have the ability to produce life which is very bad If your young.

70 may I ask what happened leading up to that event.

ive been it in the back, leaving a huge bruise from a shuttlecock, and i've also had a black eye from one when i didnt dodge a smash. needless to say i don't play anymore

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Maybe he was hit with the racket?

Hopefully, you'll never make fun of anyone else ever again, but I doubt it.

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Sounds like she hit the shuttlecock dead on for once.

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A little birdie told me you talk like Mike Tyson now.

91- have you ever heard mike Tyson talk? A lisp is hardly the part that stands out.

Do unto others as done into you.. Just saying... Karma exists.

But she usually doesn't show up this quickly. Where's Instant Karma when I need her?

Nature did not cause him to get hit in the balls. The girl he was being an ass too took care of it. Not karma.

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Karma took care of the lucky shot.

Karma only exists when there is a reason to. Karma isn't used for Someone getting screwed over job/relationship/money, whatever, it's only mentioned when someone does something bad and apparently gets punished in return.