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  TheMeow  |  0

well he could have been consoling her because he's a nice person? seriously guys ever think that if you love someone it hurts you if they're hurt... even if they had done something bad to you in the past... it doesn't mean he is going to stay/get back with her, just comforting her?

  jfiander  |  0

Some guys just think all girls are out to get us, and if they make one (albeit huge) mistake they deserve to be left in the dust. Clearly, these kinds of guys haven't found real love yet.

  redbluegreen  |  40

Making fun of her wouldn't fix anything though. Just because someone does something bad doesn't mean you should or have the right to make fun of them. Ever heard 'two wrongs don't make a right'? I'm glad the OP was able to be the better person, even though the idea is horrid and awful.

He does need to move on though and find someone who is equally caring of him as he is to them.

By  doucheybag  |  0

after flipping out on the whore, i wouldve pretended i was fine with it, but then i would laugh at her and say with an insanely serious face, " its over bitch" and then dump on her face