By nitwit - 08/09/2009 12:29 - Greece

Today, I spent hours consoling my girlfriend for getting dumped by the guy she was cheating on me with. FML
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why? you shoulda just dumped her yourself!

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Some guys are just doormats. You deserve her if you're that stupid.

FYL ... for consoling her instead of making it a two-for-one special?

I dated a girl she cheated on me twice wile i was gone a gave her more chances and she cheated on me 5 times THAT i know about so fMl

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Well YDI for being such a ponty and taking her back then, idiot.

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agreed. why would you console her for cheating on you. she'll know she can walk all over you anytime she wants now.

2 for 1 special... WIN! :D Anyway, did the OP get held at gunpoint or something? That's despicable (sp), hav some respect for yourself.

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wow, OP is a baby-back-bitch. Grow some balls and develop some self respect.

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you are the biggest pussy there ever was

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i had something similar happen to me but i was consoling her over her rejection from the boy she dumped me for

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I'm sorry but you should have gone ahead and finished ******* her over.

well he could have been consoling her because he's a nice person? seriously guys ever think that if you love someone it hurts you if they're hurt... even if they had done something bad to you in the past... it doesn't mean he is going to stay/get back with her, just comforting her?

YDI for not making her MORE sad by dumping her then and there. Cheaters deserve to be miserable.

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You are a disgrace to the male gender.

Some guys just think all girls are out to get us, and if they make one (albeit huge) mistake they deserve to be left in the dust. Clearly, these kinds of guys haven't found real love yet.

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**** that bitch you should of dumped he'd while she's still crying how can that not be any more ovious

i agree with 22, grow sum damn balls and dump her ass

Be the next one to dump her, see if she's as sad as she is now!

agreed!, he should have been making fun of her i mean common, only a idiot would do what he just did

Making fun of her wouldn't fix anything though. Just because someone does something bad doesn't mean you should or have the right to make fun of them. Ever heard 'two wrongs don't make a right'? I'm glad the OP was able to be the better person, even though the idea is horrid and awful. He does need to move on though and find someone who is equally caring of him as he is to them.

actually two wrongs does make a right............well in my book

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no two wrongs dont make a right but 3 lefts do

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Totally weird, but if my boyfriend cheated on me and then got dumped by that girl, I'd laugh in his face and kick his ass out the door. :)

Don't worry, psychologist are suppose to grow up lonely.

I'm sure your heart was in the right place, but that's a little messed up. You might want to reconsider staying with her.

Seriously, now she knows she can walk all over you and you'll always come crawling back.

OP called her "girlfriend" in the post, so it sounds like he didn't dump her, and they are, or at the time were still together.

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You're stupid for consoling her. Strap on a pair.

after flipping out on the *****, i wouldve pretended i was fine with it, but then i would laugh at her and say with an insanely serious face, " its over bitch" and then dump on her face

I try to be sympathetic, but this is absurd. "Oh, you were cheating on me? Bye!"