By wtf - India
Today, it's my birthday. I've been dropping strong hints all year about wanting to learn to tap-dance, hoping for some decent tap shoes. Instead, I got a beekeepers outfit and some furry dice to hang on my wreck of a car's rear-view mirror. FML
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  Pixxio_O  |  11

Become a beekeepers assistant, find out you're allergic to bees, get compensation for a month, quit your job and use the money to buy tap dancing shoes

  Bethawny  |  0

boy that is so g00d! you can use the bee keepers as a suit when you go outside to collect your honey. that way the bees can't sting you. you know how they get. then you can use the dice in case you're playing monopoly in your car and run out of dice. this is so ahmayzing!