By ouch - United States
Today, my girlfriend and I were playfully arguing about who loved the other more. After about a minute of this, my girlfriend walked over and kicked me in the crotch as hard as she could. She then said, "There, now you don't love me as much. I win." FML
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  brettrb  |  18

well, dont mess with girls who have legs.. or knees.. or arms. haha. if my gf did this to me i woudnt care if she didnt kick me too hard, but as hard as you can..? hah thats uncalled for.


What the fuck 206? Why the hell would you "laugh your ass off" if someone is cross eyed? My sister was cross eyed till she was 14 years old before I could pay for and get her surgery all squared away. Know what I did to people who made fun of her before that? I gave 'em a nice clean haymaker. Now cool it, ya fucking asshat...

  hatepineapple  |  14

Hmm. So if we don't live in Britan/are not British, how would we know common British idioms/alternate methods of spelling words? Just because we share a language doesn't mean the culture is the same.

  BuhZinga  |  2

While you make a valid point about general American ignorance 55, I find myself more caught up in that the order of your comparisons seemed to shift from British vs American to American vs British and back again to British vs American. It doesn't really matter but it just completely distracted me from your point :(

  Zebidee  |  8

#131 - no-one is asking people to know every variant of every word, just to stop and think before calling someone out on it. It takes one second to quickly check a word you think might be wrong. To not recognise that there are alternate spellings in the world outside the US comes across as the height of arrogance, which is why people arc up over it.

  bpell15  |  5

You're all idiotic for believing that people actually care about grammar, punctuation, or spelling on an Internet site that is made for people to laugh at others expense.