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Today, a man came up to me and punched me in the face. He turned out to be the guy my ex-girlfriend cheated on me with. Apparently, she told him we broke up because I used to beat her. FML
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As if cheating on you wasn't enough of an insult to you. Seems you'll be better off without her, she sounds like the personification of a grade A bitch.


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can i say bam!headshot!+50p again? i had been corrected.. Boom! Headshot!+50p

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...manipulative **** not worth of the air he breaths... I can't stand bitches like that, I have a cousin who dated a girl who said she was raped when they found out her baby wasn't his. it's horrible offensive to woman who have been abused.

That's perfectly good reason to beat him up. So did you?

why'd 42 get thumbed down? I thought is was funny. :P

I don't blame the man for punching you, I would've done the same. He didn't know the truth. Hey, turns out your ex-girlfriend DOES deserve a good shove..

i agree with 73, the guy dint know the truth its that bitch who deserves to get smacked, 1st she cheats, then she talks shit, this girl is honnestly worth less then nothing

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Your ex-gf must have really hated you.

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well according to the fml posted above yours you should cause her harm and hospitalize her

...evil, sandy-******'d, ogre-bitch ****.

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@51 assuming she was telling the truth, that would make this guy no different to most out there. trusting, ignorant and quick to act without thinking. most people would hit a guy who used to beat their girlfriend. the issue is he just believed her without any evidence, but its forgivable. you should stop hating on him when shes the **** of the story.

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#51 something similar happened to my cousin. He's one of the nicest guys ever, but when he divorced his wife because she was cheating on him she tried to say he was abusive to keep him from getting to see his daughter, even though she was still trying to get him to take her back. Thankfully he managed to get joint custody of his daughter.

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wow that's messed up he's robbing u and is like laughing his balls off

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Not quite random, there were some connections. You see?

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nah, OP got sucker-punched by a coward. OP, just tell him that your ex gave you AIDS, give him something to freak out about. Maybe they will get into an argument and he'll beat her, he sounds like the kinda douche that would hit a girl.

Make her right! (In other words, beat her) Not really, don't do that, it's bad...

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at least, guys like this often turn out the kind of guys who beat up their gf sooner or later. so just relax, she will get it back in due time.

Now there's enough reason for you to ACTUALLY beat her

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Theres never a good reason to beat a girl.

you can't be found guilty twice for the same crime on court...

I think infidelity is a fairly good reason to hit a female. Females want equal rights? I say we give it to them, good and bad.

you should never beat a girl.. what planet are you from?!! wtf..

crymorefmls- No you moron, infidelity is a good reason to BREAK UP with a female. There's no excuse for domestic violence ever for any reason. Got that? NO excuse. EVER.

I think the only instance where you can hit a man OR a woman is in self defense. Why go to jail over someone who got under your skin? It's not worth it.

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62 she stole 1pound of ur weed

did you? ;) No really....tell him you broke up because she ***** everything on her way. Though I tend to like the idea that he fights for his girlfriend, if he thinks she's treated horrible, he might just need to control if the information is right or wrong

The problem I still have with 'fighting for his girlfriend' is that he 'defended' her when it's not usefull anymore. If he beated OP when his girlfriend came to him with a swollen lip and a bleeding nose, well, that's something I can understand. But they weren't either a couple anymore.

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i dunno, if i found out someone had beat my girlfriend before we were together, id be pretty tempted to hit them as well. would i follow through? no. but i can understand someone who would. direct your hatred where it belongs, on the lying bitch. its not even a matter of defending her, as much as making sure the asshole didnt feel like he got away with it.

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so? she's a lying bitch!!!!!!! don't worry karma will answer your vendetta and if not 2 words " Molotov cocktails" :/

Unexpected fights are the worst since you automatically start the fight at a disadvantage

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Who pissed in your cornflakes 12? Jesus dude, calm down. It's not "sxe" to rage all over a joke.

sxe_beast - you want to know what's really "fail"? Saying something "is fail". Last I checked, "fail" is a verb.

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You people were TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLED. But seriously he failed in his attempt to make a joke. People who make Chuck Norris jokes fail at life. *shrug*

Agreed! and btw, your picture made me laugh for 20 minutes straight last night. but then again, I was super-baked ;)

I think #2 commented on the wrong fml D: .....anyways...maybe OP beat her...with his **** o.o

As if cheating on you wasn't enough of an insult to you. Seems you'll be better off without her, she sounds like the personification of a grade A bitch.