By Anonymous - 19/05/2009 05:16 - Canada

Today, after a long night of partying, I was hanging out with this girl I really like. I was feeling really hungover, so we were just sitting at the park. She confessed to me that she's liked me since the day she met me. Out of excitement and hungoverness, I threw up on her shoes. FML
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coulda been worse! l puked going in for a kiss. all over her face and down her shirt.

Aweh poor guy. At least you'll always rememer it. And she DID say she likes you!

Honestly. If you're that hungover, don't go out with someone you're hoping to look good in front of.

Ha, fail. Well if she ever speaks to you again, you might have something to talk about. If not, **** her.

nice excited much she definatly wants to see you again and return the favor

Now you have a good reason to buy her new shoes and get back into her good books.

Whoa, that's oversharing man! With all these FMLs you'd think by now people would realise that alcohol and crushes/ex's and the like, just don't go together. Fail.

As long as you apologize profusely and buy her new shoes, she has no reason to stop liking you. It sounds from the post like she was aware that you were hungover, so she won't think the vomming was in response to her confession :)

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Hopefully she's a South Park fan.