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"Thats okay"? heh. that sucks

so much for knocking.


talk about privacy

so much for knocking.

well at least she knocked...

She DID knock though...

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"Thats okay"? heh. that sucks

so, your mom has the key to your room?

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Why would she do that?

That's just not possible...

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Clue du blue

Whether or not OP masturbates is their own decision. But the fact that their mom walked in despite the door being locked AND then saying they're naked is disgraceful. I'm so tired of parents not respecting their kid's privacy yet its those same parents that get mad when the child walks in. Same thing with expecting kids to love their parents, just because it was their parents that gave life to them.

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Uh no. They are entitled to their privacy like any other human being. It was wrong for their mother to barge in like that. I would have flipped. I offer the same respect to my family when entering their rooms by knocking first so I expect the same decency.

Why the living FUCK would you do that.

that's when i would try to change door locks

Since OP's mother didn't have the decency to listen to an obvious warning, OP should have just waved her lady bits in a gyrating motion and moaned just as the mom was entering the room. If that doesn't deter her, I don't know what will.

Whats the point of locking it if you are not going to A. leave the key in so your mom can't unlock it from the other side or B. not give your parents a key?

You can also pick a lock. Just saying.

Not everybody has a lock that requires a key. My lock can be opened with a nail. And some parents will take away the lock altogether, as they think they have a right to go in whenever.

They do... It's their house.

Not if it's not of those sliding bolt locks on the inside of the door.

How did your mom open the door when u locked it, I'm assuming from inside, right??

Maybe she used a lock that was outside the door? I think that's what most people have in their houses.