By acidonymous - 09/07/2015 04:32 - United States - Dearborn

Today, I was at work at a supermarket straightening shelves in the food aisles. Just as I had finished and got ready to clock out, I heard a giant crash. A lady in a motor scooter knocked over an entire aisle of canned goods. She got up and walked away just fine, pretending nothing happened. FML
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this is literally my first FML ever made, let alone published!!! This was really surprising to wake up to. But to elaborate a little bit more, yes i did have to stay and clean it up, but i did get paid to do it. The lady in the motor scooter did not make any purchases and walked out of the store right after it happened (walking perfectly fine), probably to avoid conflict. So no one got the chance to talk to her. luckily i had no immediate plans after work other than sleep!

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Ah, so she's "handicapped" and doesn't even need the scooter?

But like you said, 59, your husband wasn't able to walk longer than a minute. Op said that the lady seemed to be walking just fine and hastily across the store and the parking lot towards her car. But anyways, if she had, or not, any disability, the least she could do was apologize before leaving.


She probably just wanted a can from the top shelf...

Who allowed a scooter inside a supermarket?

I'm assuming it was a mobility scooter. Most supermarkets in the US provide these for disabled customers.

And the morbidly obese flock towards them.

I hate those things. The go so fast and don't corner well. I've accidentally backed people into corners before being able to stop. So easy to take out a display.

Obesity cart.

disabled or obese people use scootah's in the US

Whyismydogcrazy 5

People always say those carts are too fast. I don't get it. Every time I've had to use one, it has been so painfully slow that it made me wish I had never even gone in that store! Yet, even though they're that slow, it has still been hard to manage them. It's weird. How the heck did she take out a whole aisle?

What a bitch!

At least she didn't try and sue!

Ah, so she's "handicapped" and doesn't even need the scooter?

Some people are so overweight that they can stand but they cannot support their body weight for too long. Therefore for trips outdoors they would need a motor scooper or wheelchair to transport themselves as able bodied people would.

Yeah, "handicapped".

welcome to America

Yeah, they ARE handicapped... They are disabled due to their limited mobility WITHOUT a scooter and that disability gets in the way of their lives if that scooter isn't there to assist them. For a lot of people it's necessary. I don't know how people do it America but here in Canada people are a little more understanding of other people's disabilities and issues and most of us don't bitch when there's an empty disabled spot in a parking lot when we have to park over 25 meters away, when disabled people in airports get into their seats first, and they are given other priorities. Just because you are disabled doesn't mean you are necessarily stressed about it, so it might not show the degree of injury. Just because you look at someone able bodied as well does not mean that there are not psychological impairments as well (which would likely get in the way of getting a job or having a social life which, yes, IS a disability and handicap) Just because this lady that OP had to deal with was rude as hell doesn't mean everyone takes scooters and other disability assistant products for granted and are so inconsiderate.

Being overweight is not a disability. A disability is permanent. Being overweight isn't.

being overweight to the point where you can't stand isn't a disability nor is it a handicap. it's a ******* excuse to not do shit & sit around on your fat ass all day.

The problem here in the states, #27, is that many of the people who use the disability benefits aren't actually disabled. I'm not necessarily saying they're fat (though some are) but rather that they're ******* lazy as ****. Many people in the states quite literally won't even get up off the couch to walk 3 feet to the refrigerator to get food/drink. They'll designate that someone else do it. They also steal the mobility scooters when they can quite easily walk the same distance with no ill effects. It's a highly common occurence due to the fact that many of us are taught growing up that we're all super special snowflakes who everyone should respect regardless of our actions or beliefs. It's lead to an over privileged society where people think they can use and abuse disability benefits for their own rights. Also, sadly, we have a rule in here the states. "The customer is always right." Many stores won't bother stopping a non-disabled customer from using their disability benefits (scooters and parking places) because they don't want to lose that person as a customer.

If she really were disabled and not just incapable of walking without getting a little tired, she probably wouldn't have been able to leave like nothing happened.

my_asylum 3

#27, a lot of Americans think they can judge who deserves to use disability aids and berate those that they don't think should. It's extremely rude, and even with a broken pelvis and crutches or a cane, I've gotten glares and rude comments for using the electric carts in stores. Americans suck...

The intolerance on this thread is sickening. These people are overweight and cannot walk long distances, and you're calling them names? Are you ******* kidding me? Yes, they overate and gained weight and probably brought it on themselves. Who the **** cares how it happened? If they fell off a ladder because they weren't being careful and somehow lost a leg, would you bitch at them for causing their disability? Would you yell at them as they rode a scooter or parked in a handicapped spot? Would they be any less disabled than this person? The fact is these people are not able to walk normally, hence they are disabled. Full stop. It does not mean they are any less of a person than you, nor does it mean they deserve your ******* disdain. This woman walked away normally, however. So **** her.

well if the over weight ones stopped using things such as scooters and actually walked then they would start loosing some weight. I have an aunt who uses the scooter because of being over weight and it is so irritating. she spends 2 and a half hours grocery shopping. if she would walk instead of using that scooter not only will she loose weight it will get easier over time. The people on this thread who is calling obesity a handicap are the ones giving these people the excuses they need to stay the way they are.

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I don't know why you're being downvoted, you explained that very well. The only problem is, she didn't seem to be very handicapped if she just walked away. That's why people are upset.

There are also Lazy * also.

Yeah, my purpose wasn't to breed hatred for the obese, but to point out that she simply got up and walked off despite supposedly needing a scooter. So even if she was heavy, she was, indeed, "handicapped".

exactly what I say!

Thors_Hammer9999 17

getting to the point of being so fat that you're body can't support you is simply disgustingly lazy and as hard as notzax is trying to claim that being so grotesquely lazy and fat is a "disability" when it's not tells me that s/he is one of those people who are so lazy they've gotten fat enough for their body to not be able to support the weight....and should potentially change their username to Jabba The Hutt

Did any of you assholes ever think that the obesity may be caused by another disability that prevents walking regularly? If you can't walk without help, you're not exactly going to be the fittest person.

People like that must drive you up the Wal(mart) :/

Quickly clock out before you have to do any cleaning up after it.

That's when you also pretend nothing happened and leave like her.

So long as you're getting paid and plan on keeping the job for a while, facing problems is going to help you out lots in the long term. Being one of the few employees that fixes problems (or cleans in this case) instead of makes problems is going to pay major dividends in the future.

Unless the OP has ambitions above that of working at a supermarket, which I imagine they will

Well maybe so. But if they ever want a better job having good references can help immensely & having bad ones can dog you forever. Not to mention if it will be a while that they're still working there, could get promoted to closing manager after a while.


I f**k'n hate those electric scooters.

Don't hate the scooters, they are great for the disabled to get around on. Hate the people who are NOT disabled that ride them.

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I can't stand people's arrogance at times

Deflate her wheels and walk off laughing.

tantanpanda 26

But she already walked off and the mobility scooter is probably store property. You'd be doing a disfavor deflating your own store's tires.