By Anonymous - Canada
Today, I was in my Cosmetic Application class, and we were about to apply foundation to our models. I walk over to my friend and say "Wow, that foundation is really orange and blotchy." Then the model turns to me and says "Actually, we haven't started yet... that's just my skin." FML
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By  PureGold  |  0

Oh, eww!! That model probably gets spray tans or uses some kind of self-tanner. I hate when people look orange from tanning so much, it's gross and unhealthy, and they end up looking extremely fake. Why bother? x(
That's may not want to open your mouth next time lol. But I don't think this is entirely your fault..while it may still look like that after the model washes her face, it's not "just her skin". She's scarred it and made it look like that herself with all the fake crap she's put on it in her lifetime.