By Anonymous - United Kingdom
Today, I found out that the foundation I've been using for the past month isn't normal foundation, its skin darkening foundation. I look like an oompa loompa from the neck up. It won't go away for another month. FML
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  suppressed08  |  2

Sean, why? Doesn't anyone use foundation in America? Look at that, I even capitalised, yes capitaliSed the A in America for you.

You're filled with national pride, which is fine, but lay off everything that isn't perfect...

  SeanFredrick  |  3

It's called a joke you can tell by the fact that I used a pun instead of saying, "all people frum da UK r fucken retards n don't no how 2 do makeup n shit I hope they all die". See the difference?

  suppressed08  |  2

Yeah, I see it. I also noticed it on a few other UK FMLs..
Using puns rather than using 'omgz' typing is generally seen as less offensive, but that's about it. it shows you're smarter than the average bear when joking.

  goonie85  |  0

I'm fairly certain that making fun of a country doesn't make you a racist. Saying you hate black people makes you a racist. Unless everyone in the UK is black.


54 I got your joke :) and thought that it wasn't racist (mostly cuz I don't conisder uk a race) and it's not like we never see them talking shit about Americans being fat cows (totally true but still)


I know at least one brand of self-tanning lotion that doesn't show up after the first few uses. You use the Jergens tanning stuff for about a week, and then one day BAM, you're tan. This could be similar.

By  sallen0046  |  4

Who puts foundation all the way down their neck? More importantly, who has to 'find out' anything a month into using a product? Can you not read? Those products are designed to work over time, you didn't just wake up this morning orange. You deserve it for not paying attention to either your product or the changing color of your face.