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  trollcrusher  |  17

Yes, I totally like to be surrounded by people who will tell me whatever makes me feel good about myself. What would I be without such "friends" around to preserve my fragile self-esteem?

With a non-sarcastic tone, I'll say that OP's friend was just fine in saying what she did. She probably wasn't trying to be rude, and heck, normal people can't look their best all the time! She just shared what she saw, objectively, with OP. And I personally like friends who can speak to me without being simpering sycophants. It's a blow to the old ego for OP, but that's no reason to lose a friendship.

  Kiernan151  |  25

Yeah true friends will tell you when you look terrible, only fake friends would see you looking like shit and be like "You're so naturally beautiful though I wish I looked half as good as you!"

  shessohighh  |  10

I actually don't believe in the "true friends will tell you the truth, always." I love my friends and would never say something if I knew it would hurt them. But maybe that's just a personality thing. In this case I don't think OP's friend realized.

  trollcrusher  |  17

I won't downvote you, because I think I agree with your principal, though I do disagree with what you said. There's the saying "the truth hurts" for a reason. I'm sure you wouldn't want to tell your friends something in a purposely hurtful or abusive way, and I completely agree with that. But it's a far sight from being transparent with them about a reality that's less than ideal, as long as you're doing it without any malice. Perhaps it's just the particular dynamic that I have with my friends, but we can be honest and speak our minds to each other on touchy subjects, all without getting truly offended. That's part of a true friendship, at least in my mind.

  Mauskau  |  35

Well if OP wears a lot of makeup normally, their skin will not be able to breathe so much which causes acne and blotchiness. Unfortunately the way to hide that is with makeup, and then it's a never ending cycle. Easiest thing to do is use less makeup, and have days with none on. I don't use any but when I do, my skin really suffers from it. I imagine it happens for other people too.

By  saffy66  |  34

A camera lens will 'see' hidden blemishes and flaws that the naked eye doesn't. So you may look far worse in a picture than you do in real life. Don't let it worry you, OP.