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  agentx52  |  13

16 getting hit in the boobs is worse. Guys usually fake the pain. Unless they're truly pussies.

  Keyman1212  |  14

The pain associated with trauma to the testicles is a natural defense meant to get us to protect them. The testes are responsible for producing sperm, thus they are a requirement for the survival of the species. The testicles have the highest number of pain receptors in the body, due to that unique defense mechanism; guys are instinctively protective of them. Getting hit in the testicles can cause several different symptoms:

• Vomiting – the sudden jolt of nerve-endings can cause you to lose your lunch.
• Loss of consciousness – the intense pain has caused some people to pass out.
• Muscle spasms – testicular torsion requires a trip to the emergency room.
• Testicular rupture – means the testicle will have to be removed.
• Infertility – testicular trauma can affect sperm production temporarily or permanently.
• Ruptured blood vessels – can cause the scrotum to fill with blood, requiring medical draining.

The more you know, the less you sound like an asshole, 'pussy'.

  raphanne_fml  |  33

#16 Oh come on, getting hit in the boobs doesn't hurt that much, unless you're on your period. We don't writhe in pain like guys do when they get kicked in the balls.

  Elphieba  |  4

Can we all stop saying
" Getting hit there hurts less then getting hit here?"
Getting your boobs punched friggin hurts and getting kicked in the balls hurts like hell.


Hell, getting hit or kicked in the balls hurts like shit. You feel the pain all the way up into your chest. Especially freaking cup-checks. The cup-check is the punch of the devil D:

  hisgirlherboy  |  5

79- what about giving birth? what about getting shot? what about someone in your family die-ing? how would you know if you haven't experienced all those things? go try all those things then report back and tell me what hurts most.

  woody768  |  0

One of my friends took a knee to the balls and puked blood. I'd say a hit to the balls is probably worse. I think they put the video on YouTube. :P

  YDI__Bitch  |  0

Y'all have no idea what you're talking about. Taking a shot to the balls hurts like hell and people squeeze tits. If someone squeezed my balls once I am able to get up I'm going to kick their ass. So ladies, even if it hurts don't complain

  JizzKhalifa  |  0

There's a fucking reason athletes have to wear cups. So I'd say getting hit in the balls is a lot worse. I've seen girls fight and get hit in the boobs and keep going. Guys getting hit in the balls couldn't do the same.

  mshoes12346  |  3

im sorry but has any girl ever been punched directly into the vaginal area? it happened to me the other day... it kills cuz it hits bone and other sensitive areas.

  Keyman1212  |  14

192, you're fucking stupid. Can you reproduce with breasts? Can you fertilize a female's egg with breast milk? Do the children of women who have implants die because they can not breast feed? Go shut the fuck up you idiot.