By likesboys - 19/05/2010 12:00 - Canada

Today, my entire family thinks I'm a lesbian. I'm straight. I'm embarrassed and don't know how to tell them that I've been single for so long because I can't get a guy. FML
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It's ok hun. I'm 17 without a boyfriend...ever. just look on the bright side, when you get a bf it will be even more special. =)


Well you havnt had a boyfriend so they think your lez? Have you had a girlfriend? ... Just tell them you havnt met a special guy yet.. no big deal.

Just be like "Im straight. Dad should know." That'll get them to stop talking.

so you rather them think you're gay? sounds kinda stupid. this FML is stupid. I'm sure anyone can get a guy. I mean there's more than likely some gross guy who thinks he can't get anyone either.

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#7 is right. If they don't accept it, it's not your problem. You don't have to explain yourself to them.

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just tell em you just can't find the right guy?

you actually just said it just now. "I been single for so long I can't get a guy" bam you solve your own problem good work for a lez.

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don't feel bad op. Even tho I'm engaged (to a man) some people think I'm a lez because me and my best friend are really close. It's not a big deal. Just tell them you haven't found a guy that you really like yet. You don't have to say it's cuz you can't get one. And don worry there's someone out there for everyone:)

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Why would they randomly think you're a lesbian without you saying anything about it to them? That's pretty stupid. And you're stupid for letting them think you are.

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solution: read the last 12 words in this FML aloud to your family. problem solved. dumb submittals like this are the reason this site sucks so much anymore.

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lol @ her name "likes boys" um op: you said you "can't get a guy" that in it's own is setting you up for failure... this isn't really a fml, nor is it a ydi.

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Ahh.. What happened to the good ol' days when families just thought you a spinster, if you couldn't find a man..?

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as far as not being able to get a guy, you know what they say "if at first you don't succeed, lower your standards."

I thought to seduce someone is quite easy work for a woman, am I wrong with it?

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I will help you out. Say these exact words to your family. "I am not a lesbian. I just can't get a guy." Now, lower your standards and go get a guy.

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so if they thought u could get a guy, you are hot enough to do so, but lack personalities or what

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just tell them straight up =}

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ah it is ok babe maybe your just really that dog ugly and the beat you can do is either a bunch o pets or a butch lesbians who loves the "inside" you.

crap, so it's true. real life lesbians are just fugly women and hippies. **** industries give guys the wrong image of a true lesbo:( oh well.

so ur saying lesbians in real life can be hot women as well?

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68, that isn't true at all. some lesbians are hot ;) but I hate how guys these days are obsessed. (mainly because of all those **** stars) now I can't go a whole day at school without guys asking me if me and my girlfriend have had sex and to make out in front of them. it's discusting and downright rude.

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tell th that ur strait and that your still searching for mr rite and they h shouldn't judge either way

there are a lot of hot femme ones out there. no one believes they're gay, though, except for other gay people.

you are totally right, keep going on with the lesbian act that's a lot less embarassing... wait a second

It's ok hun. I'm 17 without a boyfriend...ever. just look on the bright side, when you get a bf it will be even more special. =)

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I didn't have a bf till after 18:/

So? It is a good thing if you don't start ******* around (yes, I meant that literally) early. Standards are good! So far every single one of my friends (male and female) who started early is either a mess (psychologically) or regrets it.

#40 I can definitely attest to that. I have a wonderful boyfriend now at age 20, but I regret all of my previous boyfriends.

op username should be likesboysclothes

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Technically having a boyfriend at a young age causes trouble. I'm 20 years old and never bad a boyfriend

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It's great to be single when you can be. Enjoy it. And love will come when its right.

i Agree being single is great, but being in a relationship isnt bad either they both have their cons and pros...

being single is awesome if uve got an Xbox/playstation, a good number friends, a job that's gud enuff to pay the bills with a great amount of change.;) gosh, I love my life. FYL op:(

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I love being single(:..!! especially during the summer...!!

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there is nothing wrong with being single... >_>

why not kiss a girl, and see if you like it?

Lol. I did and I liked it. And I had no problem getting a guy when I hadn't come out yet.

yeah try kissing a chic. but make sure u send the video to all the guys on this page. we deserve it after all the free advice:p

youd like that number 11 wouldnt you..

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Just because you haven't had a boyfriend in a long time you're considering a lesbian? have you given off some kind of lesbian vibe? I'm sure everyone in your family hasn't been in a relationship their whole lives, they're just rude for saying that! Your sexual orientation is your business! and you don't need to be in a relationship to be happy!!

aaww hang in there you'll meet the right guy soon enough

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Well being accused of being lesbian when you're not is waaay worse than telling them you can't get a guy... In my opinion. Haha.

ok how do you apply your eye liner like that? liquid ? I persume.

so gay people are suppose to act a certain way?

apparently accordin to her family :)

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You should cut back on the eyeliner, you'd look better without it.

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I just use a regular eyeliner stick. Not liquid. :)