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  Jennifra  |  0

Well you havnt had a boyfriend so they think your lez? Have you had a girlfriend? ... Just tell them you havnt met a special guy yet.. no big deal.

  abbiless  |  0

so you rather them think you're gay? sounds kinda stupid. this FML is stupid. I'm sure anyone can get a guy. I mean there's more than likely some gross guy who thinks he can't get anyone either.


don't feel bad op. Even tho I'm engaged (to a man) some people think I'm a lez because me and my best friend are really close. It's not a big deal. Just tell them you haven't found a guy that you really like yet. You don't have to say it's cuz you can't get one. And don worry there's someone out there for everyone:)

  locomotion  |  0

Why would they randomly think you're a lesbian without you saying anything about it to them? That's pretty stupid. And you're stupid for letting them think you are.

  shtuff  |  0

I will help you out. Say these exact words to your family. "I am not a lesbian. I just can't get a guy." Now, lower your standards and go get a guy.

  rawr_forever  |  0

68, that isn't true at all. some lesbians are hot ;) but I hate how guys these days are obsessed. (mainly because of all those porn stars) now I can't go a whole day at school without guys asking me if me and my girlfriend have had sex and to make out in front of them. it's discusting and downright rude.

  Subtext  |  10


It is a good thing if you don't start fucking around (yes, I meant that literally) early. Standards are good!

So far every single one of my friends (male and female) who started early is either a mess (psychologically) or regrets it.

  muji150  |  0

being single is awesome if uve got an Xbox/playstation, a good number friends, a job that's gud enuff to pay the bills with a great amount of change.;) gosh, I love my life. FYL op:(

By  britterss  |  0

Just because you haven't had a boyfriend in a long time you're considering a lesbian? have you given off some kind of lesbian vibe? I'm sure everyone in your family hasn't been in a relationship their whole lives, they're just rude for saying that! Your sexual orientation is your business! and you don't need to be in a relationship to be happy!!