By betterthanhodor - 03/06/2015 15:46 - United Kingdom

Today, I got my make-up remover wipes mixed up with my sister's self-tan wipes. I am currently watching my face slowly turn orange and there is nothing I can do about it. FML
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Mix lemon and baking soda into a paste, let it sit for 5 mins then scrub your face... Should come right off.

More makeup it is then :)


More makeup it is then :)

jacky75_fml 21

Yes, definitely more of the mix-up make-up needed to even out the colour.

More makeup will not work.. My sister used to use tan in can. All you can do is use it on other parts of your body to even out your colour.

It was a joke #52

Oompa loompa, is that you?

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Lol yes they were. Have you seen the original one?

If you have only seen the Johnny Depp one, please take the time to watch the Gene Wilder one.

Gene Wilder is life

Steve95401 49

Orange you glad you used the wrong wipes?

Haha your probably gonna get down voted but that was pretty funny none the less. Just wrong timing

Well I guess it was right timing too but you know what I mean

Try standing in the sun to even it out. Wait, no sun where you are from.

that was incredibly rude

#30: Incredibly rude? How are you getting by with such thin skin ?

#4. I'd rather live in a country with no sun, than a country where I'd be bottom of the food chain.

I thought you were the bottom of the U.K.

No, England's at the bottom. Scotland is in the north, on top.

It's actually finally sunny in England at the moment.

It's actually been sunny in Scotland as well. Usually dark and foreboding up here...

Hence the lack of sun comment. It was more a statement of fact rather than a cheap shot.

As was saying that you are the bottom of the food chain in your country.

#49 You don't live that far from where I stay. Unusual on this website :-)

Look at the package and wash it off gosh

self tanner doesn't wash off. -_-

I didn't know that I thought it was like spray tan

Spray tan doesnt wash off either. Self tanners usually last 5-10 days, spray tan a little longer.

Mix lemon and baking soda into a paste, let it sit for 5 mins then scrub your face... Should come right off.

Good to know. Thanks?

Lemon juice + rock salt works well too! [:

JMichael 25

Rock salt is more for warding off demons and the paranormal

Correct me if I'm wrong but don't you just get acid+base=salt?

Be more careful next time. Let's hope some oompa loompa's don't come around and sing for you ;p

Today, I mistakenly used my sisters make up remover wipes instead my fake tanning wipes. So now I am walking around looking like Casper. FML

that that seems to be a pretty messy situation

Psycocharger 19

Ouch. That sucks.