By hatetodisappoint - 21/10/2011 06:32 - United States

Today, I called my very overprotective father, and he took the time to tell me how proud he was of me for finally finding a good and respectable boyfriend. And that he was sorry he misjudged. I was calling for bail money to get my "good, respectable" boyfriend out of jail. FML
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I'm just wondering what he did to end up in jail in the first place.

Is this the second half of the story about the pair who were caught skinny-dipping by the daughters cop father?


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Oh damn

So, if he's so overprotective, why ask him? It's not like he's gonna say yes....

I think he misjudged his misjudgement.

It depends what he did.

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Get your own money. I wouldn't bail him out if i was the father.

LiveLaughFML 10

you should play the song "Criminal" by Britney Spears in your parents house more often =)

I think 34 ment "criminal" by eminem Stupid autocorrect right?

I wouldn't even bail him out if I was the girlfriend.

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Baby Jesus and I have the same birthday.

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You Can't Win or is it, You Can, Twin! Driving me nuts!

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I feel like op needed to elaborate on why her boyfriend was in jail.

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Sounds like to me your father wasn't protective enough.

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53- Seriously? I pray you are a troll. Partly because you felt the need to use caps as if to scream like Godzilla, but mainly because you would have to be extremely dense to think that 37 was insinuating that Britney spears doesn't have a song called "criminal".

Make your boyfriend's parents bail him out

I'm just wondering what he did to end up in jail in the first place.

Deceiving the authority

I'm wondering why she's still with him..

yes because anyone who has to spend a small amount of time in jail obviously deserves to be alone and unloved for all time for all we know he could be innocent or just in the wrong place

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Unauthorized anal

47 - If he had yelled "surprise!", it wouldn't have been a rape charge....

Indecent exposure.

Probably caught skinny dipping with her and her father is a cop and... Um... Comment fail

technochik3 12

You mean innocent AND in the wrong place. You can't just be "in the wrong place" in a jail without being innocent. Did he stroll down the street and go "oh here's the ice cream shop!" then walk in and find out it's full of criminals or something?

Oniat 2

46- If he didn't do anything wrong, she shouldn't have to think twice about calling her dad. Let him rot in jail and get his head on straight for the short amount of time he'll be in there. Jail's like an adult time-out.

so... is good and respectable meant to be sarcastic?

Not at all!!!!!

I think its meant to quote the dad

deepunder 17

This is a bit confusing. Was the dad being sarcastic, or was the OP's intention unsaid as the dad was saying this. The 2nd is more of an FML

Now you can prove your dad wrong once again!

Is this the second half of the story about the pair who were caught skinny-dipping by the daughters cop father?

If it was then she wouldn't have to call her dad because her dad was the one who had caught her.

Not if he was so furious he had to use a good load of sarcasm to prevent flying off the handle.

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This comment made my day! Unlike this FML

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That is when you thank you dad and hang up.

Oh my. OH MY GOD. I congratulate you on such an original comment. I have never seen comment anything close to "dump him..." before. Thumbs up from me!

And the argumentation on why she should dump him, is also so descriptive, i couldn't have done it better

ryukk_fml 3

"oh daddy, he was framed!"

So im gonna take a random guess and say he said no to the money?

I think he misjudged his misjudgement.