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By Anonymous - 07/01/2021 08:02 - Netherlands - Almere

Today, after almost 2 months of working from home alone, I was out walking and heard 2 guys talking. One was sitting in his car smoking weed; the other was standing next to the car telling him how he was tested positive today. Maybe not mention you are Covid positive when you're not supposed to be in public at all. FML
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mccuish 25

I bet they weren’t even wearing a mask

At least you knew to keep well away?


At least you knew to keep well away?

mccuish 25

I bet they weren’t even wearing a mask

ghostinflames 13

They were probably talking conspiracy theories regarding the virus, but they should have known better. The infected person needs to get their ass home ALONE and be relaxing. It's utter BS that we haven't found a way to annihilate this issue.

how is this an fml to you? you're not the one with covid. if this was some random stranger on the street, the you're fine and should mind ya business

Warp1978 15

Nooooo, they should report those infected to the heath police and collect the reward.

DrSamba1 8

And this kind of stupidity is why the pandemic is still alive and well among us after a year, instead of disappearing in a few days, like a miracle.

DoctorPALO 14

If you're not supposed to be out in public, why were you? YDI.

Maybe he was referring to testing positive for weed