By ericane27 - 27/12/2011 19:53 - United States

Today, I woke up to someone screaming "FIRE!" When I sat up, my face went right into my room-mate's ballsack. Apparently it was funny. FML
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bfrench95 0

You should have yelled "BABY KILLER" then headbutt his nutsack :)


xSonic 9

Kinda is necessary to bite it off!

Play cool and say 'Oh how I love the smell and taste of ball sacks in the morning'

bfrench95 0

You should have yelled "BABY KILLER" then headbutt his nutsack :)

nuggetmonster 12

And thus a new competition was created: Extreme Teabagging.

Damn_Hippster 11

I was expecting a pie to the face but this is much better!

Today I thought it would be funny to startle my sleeping roommate by yelling FIRE! Turns out he sat up extremely quick, whacking his face into my ballsack. They are now well bruised. FML.

smileeee_fml 0

It's just a joke. I'm sure op will laugh about it one day.

I need to get a parachute the semi finals for the extreme teabagging competition next week

wait so 17 you would rather have a guys balls in your mouth than just push him away?

Plan your revenge Op....just watch out those karma cicles can be vicious

Headbutt that ballsack. I think they'll think twice then..

JocelynKaulitz 28

"Today, I got my roommate to slam his head into my ballsack, this is probably the closest anyone has ever gotten to my balls, FML."

Lmao! That is funny! Of course, if anyone's dumb enough to attack you with their tenders, you should remind them why they labeled as such! ;) CRUNCH!

FIRE! fire? Wher-mhhhnmm!... Mmmmmmmhmmmmm!

ChrisTheCalm 9

I laughed my ass off now and I'll probably laugh later too lmao

I used to do FIRE pranks, then I took an arrow to the knee.

daisyismydog 3

Always a good way to start off your morning..

So2011 4

Your room-mate has a disgusting sense of humor.

yohooooooo 5

this is how I wake up every morning

yohooooooo 5

this is how I wake up every morning

It's all fun and games... until someone gets tagged!

It's all fun and games until someone gets a dick in the eye. OP - I would start sleeping with eye protection on at night!

#6 your balls are sticky?? You know your supposed to wash them once in awhile right?

6- I sure hope OP's roommate didn't cum when OP hit his ball sack. I'd feel pity for any future girlfriend..

Apparently!?! It is!! Hahaha!! Fyl, but I'm lmfao!!!

OMG like totally! lmfao lolzzzz If someone ever texted me like that, I'd probably delete their number.

What a ballsy move. Are you going to get revenge?

Well, he could have easily gotten vicious and bit him...

zylandria 0

I've heard that uppercut can be brutal...

Clearly your roommate figured your face would cure the fire in his pants.