By sociallyanxiousroomie - 19/04/2016 10:22 - Canada - Toronto

Today, my roommates had a party while I stayed in my room, and that was fine by me. What was not fine was when a stranger broke into my room, asked to lay next to me, and then just went ahead and did it. FML
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StupidUsername89 23

So did did you go to the party in there pants?

He came there looking for booty, and there is no force that has the power to stop a man's stirred lust

ScarletteEve 33

Except, y'know, legal human rights.

OnlySkyrimStays 11

Or a throwing a Nokia at their balls.

OptimusSlime 23

Woah woah woah there #12. There's no need to go that far and completely annihilated a mans Crown Jewels and his entire lower half by throwing a Nokia down there.

I'm pretty sure that's the mind set that leads to rape.

I've always been a fan of the "lust control" that is of the 9mm, or .45 variant

Dodge4x4Ram 46

Totally unrelated to the FML... But Game of Thrones comes back on Sunday and your picture got me excited for it again.

Time to talk about boundaries. Or, you know, time to scream about boundaries.

It's like when someone knocks and opens the door at the same time

I like to think of myself as having a decent amount of patience before I blow up but when people do this, it's like pressing the red button. I CANNOT stand this. It defeats the purpose of knocking.

A stranger is a friend you haven't met yet!

So true. That's in the song at the end of Star vs the Forces of Evil. Yes I watch that show but only when there's nothing else on TV. Or when I lose the remote.

There are many strangers who I have no desire whatsoever to be friends with.

I would just play a prank on that stranger, especially if it was a guy. Take their clothes off (having your clothes on or off is optional) and lay next to that person. The following morning, muster up your acting skills and screw with that person (pun not intended).

That could go wrong in soooo many ways.