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  Zhejan  |  0

I really hate what FML has come to these days. Months ago, the stories used to be simple, original, and funny.

Now, about 95% of the stories are about the person's own stupidity, and the idiot thinks that they're "clever" by wording the FML to make it seem funny. "I walked right into it. It was parked." Who the hell speaks like that? A normal person says "Today, I accidentally walked into a parked car and suffered a concussion."

Also, you start the FML by saying you ran, then you said you walked. I highly doubt that you can pick up enough speed just by walking to concuss yourself and break your own nose.

Either way, this site has gone down the drain, and the stories are fake. You disappoint me, FML


  nabzilla  |  0

that's cos with the popularity of fml the meaning of the term has changed. remember lol it was once upon a time actually used because someone laughed out loud to something. but nowadays its just a word we say to fill in the awkward silences.

  Funkengine12  |  0

While I agree with you about FML going down hill, I don't see your beef with people writing creatively. True, nobody actually talks the way he worded this post, but do you think authors writing popular books write the same way they would talk to their friends? This post is a bad example, as it fairly screams fake, but I for one am all for people trying to make their posts more interesting with different language.

Also, OP, if you're going to post a fake, use one that makes anatomical sense. This wouldn't hurt you that badly unless you're a poorly constructed piñata. And not an awesome one from Viva Piñata, either.

  clojo1112  |  0

#18 don't take the fun out of things. you're taking everything way too literally and it is funny when someone walks into a car. and he started it with ran because that's the typical thing you say when you run into something. who the he'll says "I bumped into the table"? the use the word run.

By  flylikemusic  |  0

I find it very impressive that you've discovered a way to walk with your head in your ass. I'd say you figure out a sweet story so you don't have to explain this to your friends when they see your fucked-up nose. Sorry you got hurt, but you definitely deserve it.

By  alewiina  |  0

-snickers- I have to say, this is something I would do. But only if I was suffieciently distracted - I walked into a bus stop pole once because I was reading something. But you must have hit that pretty hard to get those injuries... were you speed walking? o.O