By Anonymous - United States
Today, my roommate came home and instantly began raging, cursing, and threatening to kill me. While I was cowering in my bedroom, the police had to settle the situation. All I'd done was rearrange some furniture. FML
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  sourgirl101  |  28

Doortje, your comment made me laugh because I know people that will go nuts if things don't follow the Feng Shui rules. I personally like using my window as part of my headboard. But it's a no-no according to them. (:

  ubetrwatchBN  |  5

Now, when OP says, "rearranged the furniture," that could be open to interpretation. If my roommate decided to make room for his couch in front of the tv by moving mine onto the front lawn, I might go apeshit, too.

  SirEBC  |  7

OMG, 65, I thought you were an idiot who is either too stupid to compartmentalize the intellectually-challenging process of posting a picture, or unwilling to do so in fear of what other insecure assholes might say about it.

Oh, are.

  sparta98  |  4


You've got no room to talk about stupid. If you'd paid attention in school, you would know that you aren't allowed to switch tenses in the middle of a sentence.

  SirEBC  |  7

Then please, 90, do me a favor and provided the correct form of my sentence, since I will be too dumb to not know how to change tenses in the past.


Actually, 23 is not necessarily a win, but rather expressing the utmost common sense and, in the US, expressing his/her right to bear arms, like all free peoples should.

Unless, that is, you're in California. Good luck getting a gun permit here.

By  Ikura  |  4

Too bad you don't live in a state like Oregon where you can just take their ass down if they start threatening you. You don't even have to try to retreat.

  Ikura  |  4

Everywhere? I don't know what the laws exactly say, but you don't have to try to retreat before you can defend yourself, even if it's with deadly force. (of course use of deadly force is only allowed in extreme cases). Oregon has looser self-defense laws then most states.


Nerd-fighting - piss off a nerd bad enough or back them into a corner and they strangle you with the cord of a piece of electronic equipment...if the attacker is dumb enough, a wireless controller is recommended

  Kua_Mei  |  0

At my school, we stab each other with pencils and hit each other with Geometry textbooks. Is strangulation by (accessory of) electronic device what they do in high school?

By  yuggi1  |  11

People get so worked up over stupid stuff, seriously, the furnishers? I would sell all of mine and sleep in blankets if it meant I'd get a hefty sum of cash.

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

Do we know for sure that the OP was fucking with the roommates furniture and not moving her own furniture around? The OP could own all the furniture in the common areas or could have just been rearranging where her pieces of furniture sat a bit. The OPs roommate really could just be nuts.