By ninalian - 22/05/2011 06:30 - United States

Today, I was talking to this boy I really like and we were laughing together, until I got this disgusting putrid smell. I started to say how awful the smell was and he stopped laughing to take a sniff too. As soon as he closed his mouth the smell was gone. FML
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at least u didnt find out by kissing him! that would have been a lot worse


at least u didnt find out by kissing him! that would have been a lot worse

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Takador 3

FFS finally some1 from PR :D Practice Safe Breath :)

Bad breath is not a genetic failure. It's either a rotten tooth or bacteria build up. Make him see a dentist and get him to clean his tongue and he'll be fine.

mmmmmm rotting stuff in his mouth, that's hot.

kaylaroxxurmom 0

this is why I brush my teeth and chew gum all the time ;P sugar free lol

haha I agree with 1 that would be sooo much worse

notsocrazee 0

"know what's fun? eatin' a bunch of mint tic-tacs while chewing double mint bubblegum."

I brush and floss twice a day and chew gum and mints. I still get bad breath though. I sympathize with him. Hes probably aware of his condition like I am and feels really ba about it :

FML I talked to someone with bad breath.

imacreeper 3

114, and that's when you should see a doctor. you may have a tonsil stone somewhere buddy. seriously though, if your bad breath still isn't going away, you should make an appointment with your dentist :)

jdawgg92 1

One of the reasons me and my ex are not together. Ew.

thats cause ur probably too dumb to see pass the looks and didnt notice he had the hygiene level of a hobo

ravendesired - you look like a lady off Come Dine With Me.

I have to know where this picture is from!!

give him some damn gum! I hate bad breath

there's this girl in my grade and she smells disgusting on Monday mornings and it's either her breath or her vaginal odor. I don't know which one and the smell is so putrid that you can taste it. FML

I heard she smells like lavender on Thursdays.

imcheerish 0

it's probably her breath cus no one has vaginal odor once every week usually they only get it when it's there time of the month

Actually many women have a heavier smell during ovulation not their period

wow.. sorry that was terrible.. 12 thumbs up?? wow...

WallyTheWombat 0

It's from a commercial. Calk the **** down.

how does one CALK down? please show me

You must be as fat as the person in your DP because you sound like a pro troll.

lol nope, but Nice try Dr phil, you must be as dumb as op coz you get trolled like an idiot

LOL @ thumbs down of anger!! y mad nerds?

It's not anger, the community is trying to spare others from being exposed of the sheer stupidity your comments seethe.

You guys realize, by always voting down on comments, and making them hidden... just make us want to read them more.

sourgirl101 28

You can still read them if you have an iPhone app. and click on it. Even after the comments get buried (: Don't worry, you're not missing much!

Mimiroxxi 0

ugh...mightydumb just shush plz

your a bitch, I'd hate my life and would troll if I was you to

tannarox 0

Don't worry, you look just like your profile pic on the inside :)

I'll be the judge of that. we trolls are very good at fusing each other... problem???


dbss11 3

how do you practice that?

daaron 3

god ur a retarded it's from the commericals lol FYL

You should have brought the topic to personal hygiene. Tell him you have a friend who doesn't brush his teeth twice a day and that it's disgusting, laugh about it, and ask him how many times he brushes his teeth. If he still doesn't get the hint, buy him some tic-tacs.

you have the perfect pic for this fml.

Agree with 25. But I would tell the stinker before he tries to kiss.

Your breath can still smell disgusting regardless of how many times you brush your teeth. Assuming it's the source of the smell is a bit insulting to those who do.

sourgirl101 28

I always carry mints on me. Maybe you should too from now on. Shove them down his throat if he refuses them when you offer him some.(:

Predental 5

Gum is like the second most important thing next to my phone!

ThisIsSpicy 2

OP, maybe Djeepee could loan you that mask she's wearing

I wouldn't recommend it, though, that mask smells funny too. Not as bad as the boy she really likes, I guess, so the choice is hers.

lol well, there goes that crush. I couldn't imagine kissing someone who had nasty breath. Maybe he needs a class in personal hygiene.